Love: 8 Encouraging Things to Say to Your Partner During Hard Times

I love people. I love my husband. He is the force moving me forward. Every time I experience some hard time, he is giving me the full support I need.

That’s how a marriage should look like. That’s how partners should treat themselves.

Sometimes things can get a little bit hard in a relationship. I understand that. We’ve all been there. Breaking up or ending something beautiful is the simplest solution.

The hardest thing is to stay, be supportive, love, and treat someone with respect.

Once you achieve that, you will have the best love relationship that ever existed.

As women, we can sometimes go over our partner’s head about something. See things that don’t exist and be mad about something that never happened.

Seems familiar?

David Wolfe
David Wolfe

According to experts and user based experience, there are several things you can say to your partner during hard times.

It’s something you want to hear. Something you need to say to encourage him to feel better.

These real things are familiar for everybody. However, we’ll agree that sometimes are hard to say and swallow.

Encourage your partner with:

#1: I’m Sorry

Saying I’m sorry is not always admitting the guilt. Acknowledging that some of your actions were not on point and caused pain to your partner will make him feel better.

Opening the line with an apology gives your partner an encouragement to open up a discussion and fix things up.

#2: Please Forgive Me

Apologies are great. You might get out of a particular situation just by saying “I’m sorry.” However, this doesn’t mean that your partner will forget about it and move on.

If things are deeper than that, asking for forgiveness shows that you care about that person enough and will do anything to get them trust you again.

It’s because you love them. And your partner will feel those words deep inside them.

#3: I Love You

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Maybe the best breaking point. This is how you remind your partner that you still love them no matter what.

These words are usually followed by a deep and sincere hug that will make them feel loved and secure.

#4: Thank You

The best and polite well of expressing gratitude. That’s it. You should start using “Thank You” more often. Not just with your partner, with everyone around you.

#5: What Do You Need Me to do Right Now?

It’s like telling your partner that you are here for him/her and you are capable of doing anything to make him/her feel better.

This is better than just coming with a solution and apply it when she/he is vulnerable.

#6: I Appreciate You

In times when things are not going so well, It’s beautiful to remind your partner where everything stands.

Despite the circumstances, you are still here and appreciate what you have.

#7: I Respect You

Her Campus
Her Campus

Respect is good. There isn’t a wrong moment to share your respect towards your partner.

When times are hard, telling them that you comply with the decisions they brought and rights they have something that will make them stand again on their feet.

#8: Going Forward I Will…

You went through the first seven things you need to say, and now it’s time to make plans for the future.

It gives the answer to the “What Now” question

I hope these eight encouraging things you can say to your partner during hard times will help you build a stable relationship.

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