How to Lose 15 Pounds in 21 Day Consuming Simple Cleansing Beverage

And now the pessimists will say: That’s impossible.

Let’s face it. Everything looks impossible to them.

With the right diet and strong will, only the sky is the limit.

There was a research circling around saying that 100 tons of food and over 40.000 l of fluids go through our system in 70 years period.

The research included the 33 pounds of toxic waste that is in our stomach and intestines over the same period.

The fact that we don’t eat clean is vivid.

Just see how many people have health issues.

From simple stomachache and headache to different forms of cancer.

Maybe you don’t feel that way, but we are what we eat.

I’ve heard people saying: With the things I eat I will be happy to live through 60 years.

Can you imagine?

There is a reason why I talk about these cleansing beverages.

They are perfect for your body.

You can really cleanse your intestines if you consume these beverages.

Some will say that is really expensive.

Yes, they are!

But, there is something better.

Have you heard about Kefir?

I’ve mentioned it in my previous posts. You must’ve heard about it.

People found this very useful.

By consuming 2-3 tbsp. of kefir grains for the next 21 days you will get rid of the toxins and fight off bacteria.

Imagine Kefir like a powerful warrior.

Or better. Imagine it like Hulk from the Avengers.

I recently watched this movie, so …

The Kefir grains are effective fat burners. They even regulate your metabolism.

Their main goal is to eliminate toxins and reduce the cholesterol levels.

Wait. Kefir wants to introduce himself


So, we found the recipe.

It’s very simple.

You just need to consume this instead of breakfast every day for the next 3 weeks.

  •      Week 1: 1tbsp. linseed flour mixed with 100ml. kefir

  •      Week 2: 2tbsp. linseed flour mixed with 100ml. kefir

  •      Week 3: 3tbsp. linseed flour mixed with 150ml. kefir

It’s really important for you to prepare this in the morning.

Don’t keep the mixture overnight.

With this beverage, you need to consume 2-3 l of water during the day!

Note: This cleansing method CAN be used only once a year. Use it for 21 days. Lose the pounds and eat clean to keep it that way.

You will be happy to lose pounds and improve your system.

If not you, maybe some of your friends will find this useful.

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