Look Toward Niagara When You Leave Toronto

Is it time to leave the city? The Toronto housing market is a tough one. Even for homebuyers with equity and savings to throw around, there’s always a battle. Landing that perfect dream home at a reasonable price is a tall order.

There’s a strong case for leaving the city altogether. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for when you start looking at custom new homes where there’s room to build. You can get more space for your money and likely still come up ahead after selling GTA real estate. Money aside, there are plenty of great lifestyle reasons to get out of the city and leave the traffic and noise behind you.

Where should you look when you’re ready to get out of the city? There are a lot of good reasons to start looking in Niagara.

New Homes in Niagara on the Lake

The Vintages at Four Mile Creek is an active adult community in Niagara on the Lake under development by Blythwood Homes, a Niagara home builder with a deep connection to the region. They’ve built several active adult communities in Niagara on the Lake and have tapped into a market of discerning homebuyers looking for their dream home in the countryside.

If you’re sick of the house hunt in the city, talk to custom home builders in Niagara Region about developing the home you’ve always wanted. Blythwood Homes provides customization options like flooring, cabinets, finishes, appliances countertops, windows and doors, trim styles, and more. Niagara is a great place to find a community that delivers the lifestyle you’ve been waiting for.

Life in Niagara on the Lake

Niagara on the Lake is a small town of 17,500 people on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. Just north of Niagara Falls and east of St. Catharines, it lies in the heart of Ontario wine country. Rich soil and a climate tempered by the presence of the lake have made this region ideal for the dozens of vineyards located in NOTL’s borders, not to mention many more throughout the peninsula.

The Niagara Region is a lot more affordable than Toronto, so you’ll discover you’re not the only one making the move from the city. Only a few minutes drive away, St. Catharines is buzzing with new businesses and great restaurants opened up by young entrepreneurs priced out of the big city.

Niagara on the Lake is also only a short drive away from Hamilton or the GTA. Whether you need to head back into the city to visit the office, meet with clients, or have dinner with family, NOTL is easily accessible.

But what makes Niagara on the Lake the ideal place to move into an active adult community is the slower pace. When you move out to the countryside, you can put the traffic behind you and start enjoying yourself. With neighbours who also enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, you’ll find a peaceful community.

If it’s time to leave the over-priced, competitive GTA real estate market, don’t overlook Niagara Region on your new home hunt.

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