Lonely This Valentine’s Day? You Can Date Older Women Now!

If you’re lonely this valentine’s day, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle. No date. Well fortunately, thanks to the online dating sites for seniors in 2019, you can date older women around your age (or older if that’s really your thing), and still have a great time, shaking those heart-day blues. On this guide, we’re going to tell you how to do it the right way.

Online Dating for Seniors

There are a good handful of sites available which feature the older generation. You may not want to get on these sites if you’re below 40 though, as you may not have very much luck finding anyone who isn’t old enough to be your aunt or mom. However, if you’re an older gentleman, you may be able to find that special Valentine for you by creating a free membership so you don’t technically have to spend Valentine’s Day alone, or so you can talk with others who are right there with you. Misery loves company right?

Follow Ethics

In general, when you’re talking to older women online, you need to keep in mind that they are pretty set in their ways, and while gentleman don’t seem to exist anymore, you need to be one more than ever. Anything you say can and usually will be used against you just like it would in person, so it’s important that you follow proper good behavior. Don’t be too rambunctious, don’t be a pervert, and let the lady steer the conversation. You also need to realize that these people still have feelings when you’re online, so you should treat them with respect and courtesy, no matter what.

Should You Pay for Dating Sites?

Well, this all depends on what it is exactly that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the more serious encounters than just a hookup or a fling on the dating site, or sometimes just more than casual conversation, you may want to opt into paying for at least a regular membership. This usually allows you to have more perks and be able to have more interaction with your future Valentine so you both can feel like you’re in the same room together. A lot of these websites out there like Senior Match, Senior People Meet, and even Our Time have the option of Video greetings and audio conversation, so you can talk to each other without having to talk on the phone or in person.


Don’t let the loneliness of Valentine’s Day make you feel alone. By getting on the dating sites for older people, you can find that love you’ve been looking for and avoid all of the hassle of swatting away the constant users on newer and more liberal dating sites of today, which are usually full of scammers, young people, phishing (stealing your online identity or information), and more. Just like the real world, the online world can be treated just the same, and you can’t really do anything if you don’t put yourself out there now can you?

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