Lockdown Home Workout Ideas for Couples To Stay Fit

With the shelter-at-home orders starting again, everyone has struggled to stay fit and healthy. There are many home workouts available to help you lose weight or maintain your healthy weight. Working out is more interesting and fun when you have someone working out with you. So why don’t you recruit your partner to get fit with you with these home workouts? These workouts will not only help you stay fit, but they will also teach you to bond and build trust with your partner.

  1. Touchy pushups

Face your partner and get into a plank position, so your heads are one arm’s length apart. Perform pushups simultaneously. At the top of the pushup, engage your core and keep your hips parallel to the ground while lifting your right arm to gently touch your partner’s face. Put your hand back and on the ground and perform another pushup, this time lifting your left arm to touch your partner. Continue to alternate sides for your chosen number of pushups.

  1. Chair squat high five

This is a HIIT exercise that targets your lower body. During this workout, keep your core tight and put your weight into your heels. Don’t let your knees go in front of your toes. Start in a chair pose with your hands in the prayer pose, then jump, landing into a squat as low as you can, giving your partner a high five at the same time.

  1. Leg throw downs

Lie face up on the floor and have your partner stand with legs hip-width apart and slightly bent knees with their toes near your head. Grab their ankles for support while you raise your legs straight up, keeping your legs straight and knees locked. Your lower back should be pressed against the ground. Your partner should engage their core and push your feet away as you control the swing of your legs to avoid hitting your heels on the ground. Raise your legs back up to complete one rep.

  1. Side to side crunches

This is a partner ab exercise that targets your obliques. It starts in the regular crunch position with your feet overlapping. Then lift your shoulders by engaging your core, then move your upper bodies from side to side. Try to reach for your partner’s hand to increase your range your motion. Smile at your partner and see if they smile back. Make sure that you do not forget to breathe.

  1. Medicine ball pass

Sit back to back about a foot away with your partner and hold a medicine ball. You should be sitting with your knees bent and heels on the ground. Your toes should be facing upwards. Turn to your left and pass the ball to your partner, who turns to their left to pass it back to you while you turn to your right to receive it. Continue twisting to pass and receive the ball. You can switch your passing and receiving directions after some time.

  1. Squat and hold with triceps dips.

Stand with your feet shoulder wide apart and sit back into a squat with arms raised over your head, and hold your position. Your partner stands facing away from you. Have them place their hands on your thighs with fingers facing outwards, then walk their feet forward until their elbows are above your knees. Then bend their elbows, driving them directly backward and lowering their hips toward the ground, then extending their elbows to complete one rep. Continue for the reps you have chosen.

  1. Superman hold and burpees

Lie down with your stomach to the ground with your arms and legs stretched out. Engage your glute muscles and raise your limbs a few inches off the ground. Hold your position and have your partner stand on your left side. Have your partner perform a burpee (your partner places their hands on the floor, jumps their feet into plank, does a pushup, and then jumps their feet towards their hands. Then hops into a standing position.) Then your partner will step or hop over your body, landing on the right side of your body. There, they will perform another burpee then step over again. Your partner will continue to alternate sides as you hold.

Choosing to keep fit with your partner will help to create better bonding moments in your relationship. It will also promote your health as well as boost your immune system even as you remain safe at home during the lockdown, and even after.