Living With Erectile Dysfunction: How to Keep Having Good Sex

Whether you struggle in achieving an erection or you don’t but can’t maintain it, there is a remedy for you. It can feel like your sex life is over and this can be embaressing. In a sense, thats true, as if you continue to suffer from ED, sex isn’t the same experience that you’ve become accustomed to. 

But fear not, as sex can be fantastic and rewarding whether you achieve an erection or not. What’s more, by attempting a form of physical contact regularly, your ED symptoms will more likely dissipate, or even vanish altogether.

A Change of Attitude

A rock-hard erection isn’t necessary for a good sex life. That isn’t a joke, it’s true. Most women don’t experience an orgasm through penetrative sex. That’s at least according to one study that found only 25 per cent of women reach orgasm consistently through penetrative sex. And while they may get pleasure out of it, it isn’t essential.

Depending on your ED, it may be either temporary or permanent. Either way, remaining sexually active – with or without penetration – will be good for both your emotional wellbeing and your penile health.

Sensual Touching

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and, just like an orgasm, it can activate the release bonding hormone oxytocin, as well as feel-good hormones. So use that ability by touching your partner often, making contact with bare skin.

Lying closely together while naked can be all you need to assist your body in experiencing hormonal responses similar to shoe experienced during sex. While that wouldn’t be an orgasm, it would be feelings of sensual pleasure. This offers a way of bonding physically when penetrative sex isn’t possible.

Using Your Mouth

Oral sex is certainly a way to go, but so is talking. Don’t be afraid to discuss your feelings with your partner and talk about what you’re going through. The reason why this is important is because often, both people in a relationship blame themselves. 

A woman can feel that her partner is no longer attracted to her, while the man may feel he’s failing her. By being open and honest about your feelings, you can work it out together to find other ways to experience pleasure from each other’s bodies.

Using Your Own Toolbox

Use your mouth, your tongue, and your fingers to give each other pleasure and make sure your partner is aware that while you can’t achieve a full erection, you enjoy being handled.

Massage each other, bathe and take showers together, and consider buying some sex toys. Personal massagers and vibrating toys can intensify a simple touch and make it feel more interesting. It can also help give your partner an orgasm.

Continuing to Use It

The issue with ED is that it can be a vicious cycle. You experience problems achieving an erection, which causes you to avoid having sex, as you’re concerned it will happen again. However, that’s the worst way to deal with it, because getting aroused regularly will improve blood flow to your penis, which makes achieving an erection easier, as well as making erections stronger.

If sex is completely off the table, take the matter into your own hands. When it comes to improving blood flow, it doesn’t matter how you get aroused – whether it’s via your partner or otherwise – getting aroused is the important thing. 

Another Solution

One line of treatment used for ED are oral medications. These medications are effective and result in few side effects for most men who struggle to maintain a strong enough erection for sex.

You can buy medicine for erectile dysfunction in Canada. The most popular are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. They reverse ED by improving the effects of a natural chemical in your body called nitric oxide. This chemical relaxes the penis muscles, which increases your blood flow and enables you to achieve an erection when sexually stimulated.

As these drugs are similar in terms of their effectiveness, the American College of Physicians advises that you base your choice on your preferences, such as side effects, how long the drug’s effects last, ease of use, and cost. 

You can always make a change if you take one and decide you want to try another. They work the same basic way, so you can expect similar results. However, it may be that you get fewer or less severe side effects by trying a different one, or it might be that one might work better with your schedule than the other two.