Livermore Escape Room- know about the different theme games

Love to solve puzzles? It is very fun and challenging to have the live puzzle solving experience. But where to find these interesting games, right? You don’t have to stick to this question. This is because, the technology is so advanced that, today there are numerous games that people can access. Among them the most famous and challenging puzzle game is available at the Livermore Escape Room.

Excited to know what is it? Stop! Stop! Don’t research much. In this article we are providing you with all the details related to the game which is there with the room. Thus, don’t waste the time and move to the article below and know about the easy game play.

Livermore escape room- what is it?

Livermore escape room is the platform which is offering the players and people with the best challenging games. However, this is the live immersion escape room game which is available with little fun. On the other hand, the games which are available on this platform require no special knowledge to play the game. If you are getting access to play the game, you just have to be observant, curious, and have to think outside the box. There are many theme games offered in the escape rooms. You are having your choice with which you can select the best type of game which you have to play.

Moreover, each game is having the mystery which has to be solved. In addition to this, you are going to experience the role of teamwork in the game and this is also the key which plays a great role. On the other hand, the rooms are designed with the motive to immerse in the theme game. Wanna have fun and planning to have something new? So, you don’t have to think much you can get access to the gameplay which is there with the Livermore escape room. You will hook when you are trying one of the best escape rooms.

Furthermore, the games which are available are not same and also are not having the same tricks to solve them. All the games which are there can be played with a team of 4 to 10 players. In addition to this, the games are perfect to be played with families and friends. The rooms are public to play unless the players prefer to purchase them for a private event. In the same way, there are many themes that make the gameplay interesting. Wanna know some of them? So, you must read the article further.

Types of escape room themes

The rooms which are there in the Livermore escape room are having several themes. However, you can select among the themes which are available that suits you. On the other hand, selecting the best theme also plays a great role in the puzzle games. So, the themes which are there are as follows-

Quest of the crown

In this theme, you are supposed to be the elder sibling who is usually born in the royal family. However, you are having the birthright to inherit the crown which is there in the family. On the other hand, the crown will be yours after the death of the king. You as a player are going to be a part of war which will be between your younger brother and you. This is because he is having an evil plan to capture the entire kingdom. He will give the strict orders to his team for killing you and removing from his way. In this you have to decide to make all the things right. This is the way that you can have the prosperous and peaceful land.

The magician’s secret

This is the theme where you will get to know about the secret magician which is there in the old theatre. However, the theatre was closed since 82 years, and since then the secret parlor is surfaced by all the stories. While playing the game in this theme you are having only 60 minutes in which you have to search for the vain. In addition to this, you are going to have retrieved and while playing this game you must know that if you don’t came out from the parlor safely than you will be trapped forever.  This is the theme game which is played with the proper coordination of 3 to 10 players.

Wild West jail escape

You have to terrorize the town of tumbleweed for many years from now. However, you are having your gang which is given the name of bandits. On all your wrong doings you as a player have managed to clean the get a way on all the wrong doings. On the other hand, you don’t have to leave any evidence and rob the bank. If you leave the evidence you will be locked up behind the bars. You have to solve all the puzzles which are there and find out how he got to know the strategy of the gameplay. Also, how you are caught behind the bars.  This is also the game of 60 minutes which you can play with at least 4-10 players.

Who all can get access to the gameplay?

For playing the game, you must be at least 13 years or older. However, this is because the games which are there in the Livermore escape room are recommended for only the children above 13 years. On the other hand, players can easily get access to play different games with the older players. In addition to this, if the kids under 18 years are entering into the room for playing the games, the legal guardian has to sign the release which is there with the room policy.


Therefore, these were all the information about the Livermore escape room which is good at offering all the games to the players. However, this is the way that you can enjoy playing the puzzle games with more fun and challenges.  This is the benefit that you are getting in the gameplay that you can coordinate all the activities with a particular group of people.

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