Listen From Anywhere: How to Download Music to Your Computer

Did you know a study from Nielsen Music shows that 90% of the population listens to music? Who doesn’t appreciate music, after all?

There are dozen of sites that provide services for you to find and download music from your favorite artists. However, the most popular sites might be out of your budget.

If you’re having trouble accessing or downloading music for free, then don’t worry. We have two methods for you to try out, downloading from free music sites and downloading from YouTube converters. We’ve compiled the best sites from each method so you’re sure to find the most effective and easiest one for you.

Download From Free Music Sites

Sites like iTunes and Spotify are the best places to get music. But not everyone has the extra cash to spend on these sites. That’s why several free downloading music sites have been gaining popularity and coming up to bring music to people who don’t have the money.

Here are a few free music sites you can go to and download music to your computer for free.

Some of them have app versions as well, which can make it more convenient when downloading songs. All of them are legal sites to download from and don’t require any payments or credit card registrations.


One of the most popular free music sites that lets you stream the music that you want. All the music uploaded here is from independent artists. The site’s known for being a good alternative for Spotify with a growing community.

You can search for any song, album, or artist on the search bar. To download the song, open the soundtrack that you want and click the “Free Download” button below it. To access the songs you’ve downloaded, you have to have the site or the app open and go to the “Downloads” page.


The site Jamendo also holds independent music that’s protected by the Creative Commons license. This a great site if you want to find newer artists. This means you won’t be able to find any mainstream music on here.

There are regularly updated playlists and radio stations for you to discover music. If you find anything you like, you can download them by clicking the download icon on the far right of a track. You can also download entire playlists by clicking on the “Free Download” button next to the playlist name.


Reverb Nations holds a ton of different genres and over 4 million artists and users. Popular bands like Imagine Dragons, Alabama Shakes, and The Civil Wars had their start and gained popularity on this site. The site has a wide collection of songs and labels to discover and choose from.

Not all songs on the site are free, to find the ones you can download for free, you need to filter them out. When you click on the search bar, there will be a checkbox on the left side that says “Free MP3s Required”. Then click “Refine Search” and look for songs from genre or artist searches.


To download songs from this site will require making an account. Don’t worry, it’s still free. It simply needs an email to activate, then you can explore the huge collection of songs they hold.

The site itself can be a little cultured, with their music not being properly organized. Although it’s not as user friendly as the other sites, they still have some useful features. You can create custom radio stations and interact with the community and other listeners.

YouTube MP3 Files

Don’t fret if you can’t find the songs you want from the sites listed above or if you’re not interested in independent artists and want songs from mainstream music. You can download MP3 files from YouTube by using online converters.

Converting YouTube songs into MP3 files is one of the most popular ways of downloading free music. It’s easy to use and lets you get any song that you want. Here are a few sites you can use that are safe and effective.


Unlike other YouTube to MP3 converter tools, you don’t need to copy and paste a video link. The site lets you search for the video you want to download from the site. Pulling up the same YouTube results on their site.

Look for the title of the video and select it to convert. As soon as you click on a video title, the site will start converting from and mp4 file to an MP3 one. Once your audio file is ready, a download button will come up next to it.

Click it and the audio file start downloading on the browser your using. All the songs you get should show up on your device’s music player.


To use this site, make sure that you have YouTube open in another tab. Search for the video that you want to download on YouTube, then click to open it. Once the video starts playing, go to the site link on your browser’s search bar.

Highlight the link and right-click or press Ctrl+C to copy it. Go to the YTMP3 site and paste the link on the search bar. The site will then look for the video and have it ready to convert.

Click the convert button, which will start turning the mp4 file to MP3. After it’s done converting, a download button will appear. Like the other method, the download will start on your browser and show up in your music player.

Now You Know How to Download Music!

Whether you’re using a free music site or a YouTube MP3 converter, we hope that you now know how to download music to your computer.

There are plenty of other sites and music download apps you can find. But, hopefully, this was enough to give you a basic understanding of how to get the music that you want.

But why stop with music?

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