Lice Wars: How to Get Rid of Head Lice

The annoyance caused by a head lice infestation can be one of the worst feelings that every responsible parent can have. The problem can quickly be hard to contain if it gets into the bed covers, sheets, and onto your pillows. Instead of sweet dreams, you’ll soon have lice nightmares. From there they can spread to the living room onto upholstered furniture and that means family members and guests are at risk of being invaded by these bloodsuckers.

This can be embarrassing and tough to deal with; of course, you don’t want it in your home. Getting a professional lice removal service from qualified lice experts can salvage the situation. So many individuals have tried DIY experimental remedies only to be frustrated because they did not work. Apart from purported home solutions being ineffective, they also don’t work because most people don’t have knowledge or skill set to remove lice and prevent them.

Although you may have a general idea of what to do, nothing beats having a more experienced person handling the situation for you. This article will guide you on what to do to be free from burdensome lice.

1. Visit a credible lice treatment center

There comes a time when the demanding life of a mom doesn’t allow for you to attempt a lice treatment yourself (that probably won’t work anyway).  Make your life easier and book an appointment at a lice treatment center or better yet, hire one to discreetly provide services in your own home so you don’t even have to leave!

In your search for the best lice treatment service ensure:

  • They are accredited to operate
  • They provide education and support before and after
  • The lice technicians are fully trained
  • They keep the highest level of hygiene
  • They are safe and effective in their services
  • They offer convenient appointments

A professional lice specialist will fully back their work and guarantee to rid your head/hair of lice and meticulously remove the eggs.

2. Book an in-home cleaning

We’re not just talking about any cleaning service here. We suggest obtaining a home inspection and cleaning specifically for head lice eradication. No one can guarantee a lice free head until you have a lice free home because you’ll just infest yourself all over again with eggs and lice laying in wait. Remember, head lice can survive off of humans for up to 48 hours. Make the smart choice and call a lice removal service to perform a thorough cleaning and show you how to get rid of lice from your house. They will also advise you accordingly on how to ward off lice in the future.

3. Follow the preventive measures given

Lice don’t occur as a result of poor hygiene, but an outbreak does worsen if it left untreated. That’s why most lice specialists will implore you to frequently screen your children’s heads for lice and to maintain high levels of hygiene in your house if you really want to avoid a possible lice infestation. If you have long hair, consider a new hairdo – buns and braided hair are less susceptible to lice clinging on strands. You should also limit selfies and opt out of sharing hair items and clothing.

4. Use a safe and natural method

Though there are various types of over the counter treatments on the market that claim to effectively deal with lice, do you really want to put your child’s health at risk? Many lice clinics provide safe and natural alternatives to toxic chemicals that strip the luster from hair and seep into the bloodstream. An experienced lice removal specialist can help you make the right choice for you and your family.


The battle against lice begins with awareness and education.  When you appropriately arm you and your family with the tools and knowledge to deter lice you’ve already one battle. Most likely, there is no avoiding the aggravation of dealing with lice, so when that happens get a pro by your side in order to win the war!

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