Let’s Play: See Where You Should Live Based on Your Personality

Oh, I loved these games where I was a teenager. Here is one secret I haven’t shared with you yet.

I still play them!

My husband says that I have a lot of free time when I do this. I don’t even care. For the last couple of weeks, I shared one or two quizzes like this.

I received really positive comments from you guys. That fueled me to continue doing the same thing at least once every week.

These quizzes are really simple and amusing. This one talks about your personality and the place you should live.

The connection between these two criteria is tight. Your personality discovers the best country where you should live.

It will show you where people like you live and enjoy.

Here is my result:


Oh yeah! Germany. I love this country. I have visited it a couple of times and people know how to live there.

It’s a little bit busy, though. But I’m not afraid of work!

Have any of you visited Germany?. I’ve been to Dortmund, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne.

It’s your turn now. Play the game and discover where you should live.

And the country is?

Are you happy with the result?

Share this with your friends. Maybe you will become neighbors in the new country.

Source: Play Buzz

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