Let’s Play: Optical Illusions That Will Mess With Your Brain

I enjoy optical illusions. You know I do. This time I want to test how good you are at making a difference between an illusion and the right picture.

This will mess up with your brain really hard.

I wasn’t able to make a difference. It was so confusing.

This game comes right after April Fool’s day. It the perfect time.

Did you fool someone?

I have to admit that my son got back at me at fooling me really hard. REALLY HARD.

I will get back at him next year for sure. I’m not telling you what he did to me. The whole neighborhood was involved.

Can you imagine? He arranged people from my neighborhood for this.

That little genius got me fooled and now everyone is talking about it. Even when I went to the local store the clerk said to me:

So I heard your son got you really hard for April Fool’s huh?

All of this fuels my vengeance even more.

I can’t wait for next year.

When you finish up this task, share the result with all of us in the comments section below.

Let’s start:

Mine was 6. I’m not really good at this.

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