Let’s Play: Is Your Vision As Good As You Think?

Your vision is definitely one of the most important concerns you need to have. I’m really sensitive when it comes to my eyes.

I do regular check ups with my eye doctor at least once in a month. I really want everything to be at the right order.

You see, I have to be like that. I have a job that requires sitting in front of the computer for a couple of hours.

After that, I’m coming home and I want to share with you all the new stuff I found on the Internet.

So, more Internet hours for me!

I take short breaks every 20 minutes in order to save my vision.

I can say I have a good vision. My eyes are deadly. At least, this is what my doctor says.

Anyway, I found a simple test that will measure your vision. If you have good eyes, you will have no difficulty solving it.

But, if something is not right and your score is lower than expected, you should go and check that up.

Before I show you the game, let me share my result with you.


My doctor was right. I do have a laser vision! I hope it will hold like that for many years from now.

What about you? Let’s play this simple test and see your result.


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