Leather Or Fabric? What To Consider When Choosing Recliner Chairs

There is no better feeling than getting home from a long day at work and putting your feet up in the perfect recliner. You immediately feel the stress from the day melt away as you relax and let yourself sink into a state of blissful comfort. When shopping for a new reclining chair you will need to make a choice between either fabric or leather reclining chairs. Each material offers its own benefits and drawbacks, and it is really up to your own individual needs and style.

The purpose of buying a new recliner is, typically, to be able to relax, or it may even be for medical purposes due to an illness or injury. Regardless of the reasons, you must make a decision on fabric before you take your new chair home. The average consumer may not know enough about each type of material and what they can offer, but there is no need to worry as we will explore the pros and cons of these materials to ensure you make the right choice.

Keep reading to learn more about which fabric is going to be the best choice for you when you purchase your new recliner.

Which is More Comfortable?

While comfort is generally a subjective thing, the majority of people will notice that a fabric recliner seems to be softer and more comfortable. This all depends on the type of fabric that is used, but, compared to leather, most of the fabrics on the market are going to be softer. Leather tends to be more firm than its fabric counterpart, but it really all depends on the individual.

Which Looks Better?

This is going to depend completely on your sense of style and what other furniture you already have in the room. A lot of people tend to go with leather recliners for the look, as they seem to be more refined and elegant than your typical fabric recliner. Granted, if you have no other leather or warm colours in your living room a fabric chair may be the right choice. When purchasing your chair you want to take all of this into account before making a decision.

Which Lasts Longer?

There is a reason people have been using leather for so many years in so many different applications. Leather is known as a very durable material that will outlast just about any fabric you can find. It does tend to show ‘wear spots’ fairly easily, but a lot of people just think it adds character to the leather. Fabric, on the other hand, is going to wear out much quicker with heavier use and will also show any minor damage quite easily. When all is said and done, leather will last you a longer time than fabric will for the simple fact that it is a much more durable material overall.

Which is Easier to Maintain?

Leather is a very easy material to clean and maintain, yet it does have one mortal enemy, scratches. It is a lot easier to scratch a piece of leather than it is some of the newer fabric available. But if you are careful with your recliner you shouldn’t have any worries. Leather is going to easily repel any staining foods or liquids that spill on it, while the fabric has a tendency to soak all of these things up, making fabric recliners more difficult to maintain.

Which One is For You?

There are reasons to buy either type of material for your recliner, and it all comes down to personal choice. It really depends on what you are looking for in terms of comfort, durability, maintenance, and style. There is a suitable recliner out there for everyone, and if you take your time to make an informed decision you should have no problems finding the right recliner for you that is comfortable, easy to maintain and fits well with the overall aesthetic of your interior.

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