Knowing Your Rights as a Victim of a Car Accident

Every liability or accident has repercussions with differing results depending on the person’s legal rights. Ask yourself what you’re entitled to when you’re facing difficult events in your life. One of these events is a car accident and a lot of people have no idea what their rights are or what they are entitled to after going through one. To overcome this lack of knowledge, you should understand more about what your rights are as a victim of these horrific accidents.

You Can Sue the Manufacturers

Believe it or not, some accidents happen because a vehicle wasn’t designed properly, or it had faulty construction within it. The evidence gathered could prove that the accident was avoidable if the car brand or manufacturer didn’t have a history of faulty machinery in their vehicles. This type of negligence shouldn’t be ignored and you have the right to get full compensation from them and take them to court. With enough evidence and proof that it was a fault with the car’s design, the judge would rule the case in your favor and get you a hefty settlement to pay for all the damages, medical bills, physical pain, and mental anguish that you’ve gone through.

Refusing the Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer

Sometimes the other party’s insurers or yours offer you a settlement after an accident. If that settlement isn’t fair or it is too small to compensate for what you’ve gone through, then you have the right to refuse it entirely and sue them for a better offer. Various personal injury attorneys and lawyers can help you get what you deserve and they can assess exactly how to help you get justice and full compensation for your injuries and suffering. They leave no room for you to be taken advantage of by the insurers. So, it is within your rights to file for suits to make sure that the insurance companies pay you in full for all the medical bills and damages you had to endure.

Deny Giving Any Statements to the Other Party’s Insurer 

After an accident, a lot of the time people will start with contacting their insurance companies and sometimes the other person involved would have their insurers contact you for a statement. You’re not under any obligation to talk to them or give them any statements; legally you can stay silent unless your lawyer gives you consent. Also, you have the right to refuse to sign any documents or get recorded for a statement by any means necessary. Anything regarding the insurance companies should be dealt with by your attorney. The reason behind this is because anything you say can be used against you somehow in court. This can be highly detrimental for you when you’re filing for claims. 

It’s Within Your Rights to Hold the Other Driver Accountable 

After extensive investigation along with your full knowledge that the accident was the other party’s fault; you can legally sue that person for their negligence and the cause of all the injuries you sustain. The person might have been under the influence, speeding, or doing anything that is against the law. This type of behavior should not be tolerated and you have the right to take any legal actions against the driver. It’s within your rights to hold the person financially and legally accountable for everything that negatively affects you or your family.  You just need proof from eyewitnesses, surveillance footage, or police reports that it was the other party’s fault.

The Types of Compensations That are Within Your Rights

A lot of people don’t understand or know that just getting reimbursements for medical bills is not enough to compensate for everything you’ve gone through. It’s a lot bigger than that because you’re a human being and your rights go broader than just medical bills. You have the right to receive claims for mental agony or distress, physical pain, lost wages/earnings if you stopped working, property loss and damages, disabilities, repair costs, lawyer fees, and nursing care depending on the situation. So, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you’re entitled to. Always ask your attorney for information regarding your legal rights and they will guide you to get better settlements.


Not only knowing your rights will be in your best interest, but it will ensure that you get the best settlements and compensation possible to make your suffering a little bit bearable. You need to know that car accidents are random and inevitable, but you’re still entitled to voicing your concerns, receiving reimbursements, and getting justice for the tragic event of your car accident.

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