Know All About the Beautiful and Rare Lilac French bulldog

Today, many people want pet at their homes and without pets most of the homes considered incomplete. When we talk about the pet then almost all person look for the dog as a pet. Dogs can play with your child when you are busy in your daily work at home. Nowadays many breeds are available of the dogs and they all are very attractive. But when we are looking for the pet dog then it’s time to know about the lilac French bulldog. This is the best pet for you because it is unique in color and nature. If you want to know about this dog then read until the article till the end. 

1. Why lilac bulldog is best?

When people buy the dog they always see their some qualities like its color, behavior, and many more. Every dog has its unique qualities and people like it. Here you will read why lilac French bulldog is best among them all breeds. 

  • Color 

No doubt, it is true that this is the biggest reason to people invest too much amount to buy the frenchies lilac because of its rare and beautiful color. When you walk with this dog outside then people started notice you and many people impressed to you. Not everyone sees its stunning color every day that’s why people give attention when you pass by. 

  • Attitude

Lilac frenchies have an affectionate attitude like many dogs have. They know who their owner is and they never miss a single chance to cuddle you. When you are at any trouble then they are always protecting you from the danger. 

  • Best indoor companions

The lilac French bulldog has some breathing and overheating problems. Due to this problem, they can’t play outdoor games and rough or go to any adventure. If you are a person who doesn’t like an outdoor game then the dogs make calmest companions at your home. If you love to spend your whole day at your home and need peace then frenchies dog give you that. 

  • Balance fun and peace

French bulldog doesn’t play a game for a long time but it doesn’t mean they don’t love game. They also enjoy the game and they have the ability to maintain the fun and peace. They play game when its time of playing and cuddle you when they get tired. 

Protective watchdogs

This is the best fact about the lilac French bulldog that is they are so much protective towards the owner. They are always alert and attentive about any stranger and they don’t enter any stranger at your home. However the frenchies dogs don’t bark, they bark when they feel something bad happens.

2.  Some tips that you need to know when you buy lilac French bulldog

Now, you have known why the frenchies dogs are best? Because of its rare breed, color, difficult to find, etc. But if you really want to buy the lilac dog then you need to know about this dog that you will buy. Here I will show you what the list is, you can know while you buy the dogs because you invest so much money to buy the dog. So read some tips here.

Breeder certification-

When you go to buy a frenchies bulldog then first you need to ask the owner of the shop for certification and review of a breeder. You need to know they sell the genuine breed or not and the dog which you buy they are healthy or not. So knowing about all things you need to check the certification because if they have a certificate means they register the dogs under the official organization or club. 

Health records

This is the second and important thing that you must know about the dogs is their health issues. Franchise has various health issues so it is risky if you don’t ask the seller of the health condition and buy the dog without knowledge. You can also check their vet records. 

Make a contract

Once you make sure that this is the genuine breed of frenchies dog then you need to ask about their price. You need to talk about the term related to payment and also about the return policy if the dog gets ill and in case of some health issues. 

3. How to take care of frenchies dog

Now it’s time to learn how you can take care of lilac French bulldog at your home. You have read some points that you have to need to notice while buying the dog and some qualities about the dog. Once you buy the dog you need to more responsible and caring toward your dog. Here you will read what you can do for your dog and what should you do to take care of your lovely pet. 


This is a very important thing that you need to focus on what you give your dog to eat. Don’t give them so much expensive food or any fancy diet because maybe due to this food they face any health problem. You can ask the vet for any suggestion to food and make sure your dog eats a meal all day. 

Healthcare budget

All frenchies breeds want to special care and the lilac French bulldog is one of them. It is important that your dogs going through all the vaccination process and make sure you provide your dog a regular health care checkup to ensure that he is in the best of health. This process prevents your dogs to illness and also prevents you to more expenses. 

Training and exercise

It totally depends on you that you can train your dog by yourself or take them any training school. However, the lilac French bulldog is really smart and very easily they grab and learn the things. And for the exercise, you need to take your dog for walking only for 15 minutes to avoid breathing and overheating problems. And also remember the things that don’t play too rough with them. 

Love and affection

Franchise dogs really need to cuddle and praise when their trainees give them training. So make sure you keep them happy and give more love. 

Here you have read about the lilac French bulldog so buy the best breed’s dog now. 

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