Know about Effective Laser Treatment for Piles

Piles is a painful condition affecting a huge majority of the population. Many people put off the treatment options upon hearing the surgery process and recovery phase. The traditional open surgery for piles is very painful. The patient has to stay in bed for several days after the surgery. The whole recovery phase is very painful and full of complications for the patient.

But there is a simple solution to piles now! An easy way to get rid of this disease, permanently!

The laser treatment for piles is the permanent cure for piles. It is a daycare procedure, that is, the patient can go back home after a few hours of the surgery.

The laser is used to shrink hemorrhoids. This way, hemorrhoid never comes back. This procedure has much more advantages, the biggest one being the easy recovery phase.

There are no cuts, stitches or any surgical means involved in this. Thus the patient does not need to endure a painful recovery phase. 

What are piles?

Inflammation or swelling of blood vessels, veins, tissues, muscles, fibers, etc around the anal area of the individual leads to piles or hemorrhoids. This happens mostly due to continuously sitting on hard surfaces for the majority of the time in one’s schedule. Size of hemorrhoid in each person varies. It mostly depends on the stage and extent of the disease.

Symptoms of piles?

1  Painful, hard lump around the anus, generally, the anal opening. This lump may have coagulated blood.

2  Painful bowel movements.

3  Blood in stool or on the tissue paper.

4  Itchy, irritated skin around the anus and anal opening.

In severe cases or advanced stages of the disease, the patient may experience serious symptoms such as:

1  Blood Discharge from the anus- Excessive or continuous blood discharge from the anus. In such a stage, it is a huge probability that the patient would soon become anemic due to excessive blood loss.

2  Anal Infection- The patient may have an infection in the anus or anal opening due to hemorrhoid.

3  Fecal Incontinence- The patient may fail in controlling bowel movements.

4  Anal Fistula- This is another serious disease linked to the anus. If not treated in time, hemorrhoid may cause infection, leading to the anal fistula.

Causes of piles?

The major cause of piles is excessive and continuous pressure exerted on the lower rectum and anal region of the person. In such a case, the blood vessels, tissues, muscles, fibers, etc of the anal area stretch and swell up. This leads to the formation of hemorrhoids or piles. Common causes of the disease include:

1  Chronic Constipation

2  Diarrhea

3  Sitting continuously on hard surfaces

4  Heavyweight lifting that exerts pressure on the anal and lower rectum region.

5  Putting a lot of strain while on the toilet seat, struggling to pass stool. Sitting on a toilet seat for a long time also puts a lot of pressure on the veins and muscles in the anus and it may cause piles.

6  Pregnancy- The weight of the baby in a female’s womb puts a lot of strain and pressure on the lower abdominal and rectum region, stressing the veins and muscles in the anal region. Women are likely to develop piles during pregnancy.

Laser Treatment for piles

The Laser Treatment for piles is the permanent cure for piles. It is a safe, pain-free 30-minute procedure after which the patient can go home and resume his normal life. In this treatment, the laser is used to shrink hemorrhoid. 

Who can undergo laser treatment for piles?

There are four stages of piles. In grade 1, hemorrhoid can be treated by prescribed medication and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Grade2 of piles if detected early, may be cured with medication but if the disease is in a more advanced stage, it may require surgery. Grade 3 and 4 of piles are complicated and require surgery immediately. Consult a professional and get a date to treat this painful disease.

What should you expect after the Piles laser treatment?

In the majority of the cases, the patient can easily go home the same day after the laser treatment. After the laser treatment, the patient does not require any pain killers. There is nothing to worry about pain management, there would be no pain!

Some patients can have a little uneasiness, a mild painkiller can easily help them put it to ease. The doctor suggests the patient drink a lot of water after the surgery. The patient can resume his normal daily routine after one or two days of rest after the surgery. Although, some patients decide to take a rest for five to seven days. The recovery phase in laser treatment is shorter and easier. There is no risk of infections or complications in case of laser procedure. It just takes 30 minutes to get rid of piles with a laser. If the patient feels pain or uncomfortable down there after the laser surgery, he or she should consult their surgeon immediately.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for piles

There are numerous reasons to state that laser treatment is the best solution to get rid of piles. There are no cuts, incisions or stitches involved. It is not a huge or complicated surgery, just a simple laser procedure that would last 30-40 minutes. The treatment is done after giving the patient local anesthesia. The patient would have no pain during or after the treatment. There is no risk of infection as there were no surgical procedures or incisions involved.

In the case of open surgery, the patient runs a risk of developing rectal stenosis. But there is no such fear in the case of laser treatment. The laser treatment is a completely safe and pain-free procedure. It poses no threat of infections or further complications.

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