Keep Your Hair Tidy And Stylish With 21 Easy DIY Headbands

The regular headband you will buy from the store is not something that will satisfy your needs. You are going to buy it because there is nothing left that was close to your taste.

If this is the case, why don’t you try making your own headband?

We have all asked ourselves the same question, but we never had the proper idea how to DIY an item like this.

That’s why you have me in your lives. I found 21 DIY headband ideas that will give you the right headband for your style.

You just need a few items we all have in our houses and that’s it. You are ready to go.

The ideas are bellow and if you are a headband lover like me, you would want to DIY them all.

Let’s begin!

1. Fabric Flower Headband

fabric flower

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2. Sparkly Headband


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3. French Knitted Hairband

french hair-band2

Tutorial via

4. Wrap Headband


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5. Braided Headband From Old T-Shirts

old t shirt

Tutorial via

6. Vintage Lace Headband


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7. Jeweled Headband Or Necklace

Jeweled Headband

Tutorial via

8. Yoga Headband 3 Ways


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9. Jeweled Holiday Headband


Tutorial via

10. Ombre Feather Headband


Tutorial via

11. Foxtail Twist Scarf


Tutorial via

12. Headwrap Bands


Tutorial via

13. Wire Headband


Tutorial via

14. DIY Bow And 8 Ways To Wear It


Tutorial via

15. Knotted Yarn Headband


Tutorial via

16. Belt Headband


Tutorial via

17.  Velvet And Pearl Headband

velvet an pearl

Tutorial via

18. Braided Liberty Headband


Tutorial via

19. Criss Cross Headband

cris cross

Tutorial via

20. Zipper Headband


Tutorial via

21. Flowery Fleece Headband


Tutorial via

Imagine showing these headband ideas to your daughters. They will love them!

Don’t forget to share this with your friends. They need them, as well.

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