Keep The Warm Feeling At Home Longer With 14 DIY Candle Centerpieces

Romantic people will understand this. The need of candle centerpieces when you are home with your loved one is enormous.

You, him, nice warm-up meal, and everything that comes after. If you use an aromatic candle, that would be perfect for the warm tub time. That will give you even bigger relaxation effect.

Most of the time, these candle centerpieces are forgotten. You are out there, buying the needed things for a nice dinner, and you forgot them.

The market is half an hour from where you live and you don’t have time to get back in time to cook the dinner.

This is only one possible scenario. There are a lot of them.

Either way, you don’t have to worry about anything because I got you covered.

These DIY candle centerpieces are even better than those you forgot to buy from the market.

They will take you only a couple of minutes.

1. Berry and Candle Centerpieces

Berry and Candle Centerpieces

Tutorial via

2. Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars


Tutorial via

3. Dandelion Paper Lanterns

Dandelion Paper Lanterns

Tutorial via

4. Black and White and Vintage Brass

Black and White and Vintage Brass

Tutorial via

5. Modern And Versatile Advent Candle Holder

Modern And Versatile Advent Candle Holder

Tutorial via

6. Succulent Wreath Centerpiece

Succulent Wreath Centerpiece

Tutorial via

7. Wood And Brass Candle Holder

Wood And Brass Candle Holder

Tutorial via

8. Floral Christmas Centerpiece

Floral Christmas Centerpiece

Tutorial via

9.Wineglass Candle Holders

Wineglass Candle Holders

Tutorial via

10. Terracotta Candle Centerpiece

Terracota Candle Centerpiece

Tutorial via

11. Candle Wreath

Candle Wreath

Tutorial via

12. Candle Bouquet

Candle Boucket

Tutorial via

13. Birch Log Candleholders

Birch Log Candleholders

Tutorial via

14. Christmas Table Centrepiece

Christmas Table Centrepiece

Tutorial via

Now you have a candle centerpiece for every occasion. The best part is that your friends will think you’ve bought them from somewhere.

Don’t leave them hanging like that. Share this with them. They would love to learn few of your decorating tricks.

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