Just 27 Fun And Useful Things To Make From Toilet Paper Rolls

This is what I’ve been waiting for a long time. These amazing toilet-paper hacks are a game changers. My kids are in that time of their life when the parents are not entertaining anymore.

You know. They want to find their own path. Kids think they are grown enough to bring decisions on their own. If you have kids you already know what I’m talking about.

I think I found something that will bring me back in style. They love crafts and I know every kid out there love challenges.

I will set a challenge for both of them. How many crafts can they do in 1 hour? I will be joining them, of course.

This is how you “wake up” the imagination and creativity of the kids.

Before that, I will show them these ideas and let them “study” the processes.

Here are the ideas. You can do the same thing.

1. Paper Roll Cups


Tutorial via

2. Simple Party Crowns

Simple party crowns

Tutorial via

3.  Vent/Grate Cover

Vent Grate Cover

Tutorial via

4. Farm Animals


Tutorial via

5. Miniature Lanterns

Miniature Lanterns

Tutorial via

6. Toilet Paper Roll Yarn Holders

Toilet Paper Roll Yarn Holders

Tutorial via

7. Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass Case 5A[3]

Tutorial via

8. Egg Holders

Toilet roll egg holders

Tutorial via

9. Toilet Paper Roll Party Crackers

Toilet Paper Roll Party Crackers

Tutorial via

10. Faux Metal Filigree Frame Tutorial

Faux Metal Filigree Frame Tutorial

Tutorial via

11. Tape Storage

Tape Storage

Tutorial via

12. Spring Time Flowers

Spring time flowers

Tutorial via

13. Crate and Barrel Inspired Mirror

Crate and Barrel Inspired Mirror

Tutorial via

14. Sowing Seeds for Winter

Sowing Seeds for Winter

Tutorial via

15. Gift Topper


Tutorial via

16. Polka Dot Paper Lanterns

Polka Dot Paper Lanterns

Tutorial via

17. Wall Picture

Wall Picture

Tutorial via

18. Faux Bronze Napkin Rings


Tutorial via

19. Desk Organizer


Tutorial via

20. Light-up Cardboard

Light-up cardboard

Tutorial via

21. Dinosaur Toys


Tutorial via

22. Mini Baskets

Toilet roll mini baskets

Tutorial via

23. The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll

The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll

Tutorial via

24. Toilet Roll Pencil Case with Felt

Toilet Roll Pencil Case with Felt

Tutorial via

25. Pretty Paper Roll Pillow Boxes

Pretty Paper Roll Pillow Boxes

Tutorial via

26. Birdfeeder Mobile


Tutorial via

27. Roll Organizer Box


Tutorial via

You’ll get a lot of decorations in your home after this.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends. They have kids, as well.

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