Just 20 Ways To Use Coffee Filters Aside From Making Coffee

The coffee filters are just for that, coffee. Well, you will definitely change your mind after you reach the end of this post.

No one told us that simple coffee filters could do so much. I mean, you can turn the coffee filters into juicers, you can use them to prevent rust, and you can even use them to make small party decorations.

There are 17 more uses of these coffee filters waiting for you.

The best part is that your kids could play with them and come up with new ideas how to use them. That’s something really awesome. Parents love to spend a quality time with their kids and here is one way to do that.

All of these ideas you will see bellow are here for you to use and think of more. Let them be the spark for much more you would want to share with us.

I know you can do it!

Let’s go:

1. Turn Your Coffee Filter Into a Juicer

Turn Your Coffee Filter Into a Juicer

Tutorial via popsugar.com

2.Nursery/Hothouse Seedling Starter Tray

Nursery Hothouse Seedling Starter Tray

Tutorial via instructables.com

3. Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Tutorial via thoughtsfromalice.com

4. Coffee Filter To Prevent Splatter


Tutorial via danavento.com

5. Prevent Rust

Prevent Rust

Tutorial via thisoldhouse.com

6. Coffee Filter As Napkin

Coffee Filter Hot Dog Holder

Tutorial via sewmanyways.blogspot.mk

7. DIY Bath Sachets

Bath Sachets

Tutorial via sugarandcloth.com

8. Make Oil Infusions

Make Oil Infusions

Tutorial via library.rusticescentuals.com

9. Peony Coffee Filter Flowers

Peony Coffee Filter Flowers

Tutorial via prettypetals.typepad.com

10. Easy Homemade Greek Yogurt


Tutorial via bobvila.com

11. Scented Sachets

Scented Sachets

Tutorial via raisin-toast.com

12. Potty Training

Potty Training

Tutorial via mamafrankenstein.blogspot.mk

13. Homemade Fresh and Clean- Dryer Sheets

Homemade Fresh and Clean- Dryer Sheets

Tutorial via twochums.com

14. Line Plant Pots Coffee Filter


Tutorial via popsugar.com

15. Herb Firestarters


Tutorial via helloglow.co

16. Coffee Filter Number – Party Decoration

Coffee Filter Number Party Decoration

Tutorial via avantimorocha.com

17. Coffee Filter Easter Basket

Coffee Filter Easter Basket

Tutorial via lilyshop.com

18. Ombre Chrysanthemum

Ombre chrysanthymum-lantern

Tutorial via auntpeaches.com

19. Coffee Filter Floral Crown

coffee filter floral crown diy 3

Tutorial via sincerelykinsey.com

20. Coffee Filter Basket Flower And Carrot Easter Favors


Tutorial via urbancomfort.typepad.com

Nice huh? I know.

Now, go and use those coffee filters!

Before you go, don’t forget to share these amazing ideas with your friends.

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