Jewelry Trends To Look Out For in 2021

An outfit is never complete without some beautiful finishing touches of jewelry. Adding your favorite new necklace, a timeless bracelet, or an eye-catching pair of hoops can breathe new life into an old outfit, brighten up a basic look and instantly add personality to your style. It’s always the smallest details that make the biggest difference! We’ve scoured the catwalks and taken tips from street style influencers to bring you the soon-to-be biggest jewelry trends of 2021 so you can stay ahead of the curve and look tirelessly stylish at all times!

Beachy Beads

Whether you’re heading abroad for your summer holidays this year or embarking on a staycation, beaded jewelry is the cheapest and most speedy way to transport yourself to an exotic location. Choose to liberate your bohemian side with beach-themed shell beads or release your inner child and relive your carefree days with an array of colorful beads. The perfect excuse to get your creative juices flowing; why not try sourcing your own beads and creating a look to reflect your individual personality? With the current situation at hand, adding some color and fun to our lives has never been more necessary- and this trend is sure to put a smile on your face! A playful and nostalgic trend, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when sporting this colourful style.

Stacked Up Anklets

The perfect summer trend and a throw-back to effortless 90s style, anklets are a must-have for 2021. From bohemian beads and shells to refined, classic chains, you can’t go wrong with this style. Not just a look for your holidays, the updated trend sees trend-setters bringing the beach to their hometowns by pairing alongside a variation of footwear from heels to trainers. Elevate your look by stacking your chains together, whether you want to mix different metals or layer a selection of different beads for a playful look, this is sure to be a stand-out addition to your everyday style.

Natural Pearls

A trend that has been revived time and time again over the decades, from the likes of Coco Chanel to Audrey Hepburn, pearls have been the accessory of choice for many high profile fashion icons. Known for being a picture of wealth and sophistication, pearls are making their mark once again in 2021 – with an unconventional update. With the likes of Harry Styles and A$AP Rocky pictured sporting the classic look, this is a trend that is no longer exclusive to your grandma.

While most of us think of pearls in the form of a classically round and perfect ball bead, the updated trend sees pearls that are more organically shaped and varying in sizes. Choose from a simple string of pearls to add a sophisticated look to your outfit or opt for an injection of colour with the addition of colourful beads alongside the pearls, another fun take on the classic trend. The perfect way to add stand-out style to any outfit, this is a valuable addition to any jewellery collection.

Gold T-Bar Necklace

As seen on every it-girl on Instagram, this stylish piece could be an heirloom straight from your Grandma’s jewellery collection. A T-Bar necklace should be a staple part of any jewellery collection. The simple and timeless design makes it great for making a layered statement or it can be worn alone as your go-to everyday accessory. This trend looks best in a classic gold colour, but if you’re more of a silver girl, you’ll find plenty of T-bar options. This iconic yet minimal design suits every style, why not go matchy-matchy and pair it with a T-Bar Bracelet or even T-Bar Hoops? This heirloom T-Bar trend looks like it’s here to stay for the long haul!

Mix & Match Chains

A trend​ ​showcased​ ​previously around the world on SS21 catwalks, the mixed chain look has quickly transitioned onto our Instagram feeds. Influencers are leading the way with this contemporary jewellery trend, combining dainty chains with chunky chains and mixing different styles. The perfect way to add a textural element to your everyday look, try mixing a figaro chain with a rope chain or a snake chain with a meaningful pendant. Take a look in your jewellery collection and experiment with what you already have, ensuring your chains are different lengths to achieve the layered look. The easiest way to add an effortlessly cool component to your outfit, this is a must-try trend for 2021.

Personal Initial Jewellery

With our current circumstances, cherishing our loved ones and the connections we share has never been more crucial. Sentimental jewellery has understandably become a popular trend, with people sporting the initials of their loved ones on their jewellery to express the love they can’t show in person.

Whether it’s your mother, your partner, your best friend or your grandparents, wearing a piece of jewellery with their initials on is a great way to symbolically keep them close to your heart; helping you feel connected from afar to somebody significant. A perfectly refined and subtle addition to your everyday look, wear a single initial or stack up multiple charms to celebrate each important person in your life.


The newest 90s trend revival; padlock jewellery is set to make a big comeback in 2021. With a sophisticated update, you needn’t worry about reliving your awkward teen years. The perfect piece to add a subtle statement to any outfit by itself or a charming addition to stack alongside your favourite chains.

Whether you like your jewelry to be dainty and understated or chunky and exaggerated, you will be sure to find a padlock piece to best suit your style. With a sentimental undertone, this is the perfect piece to wear as a reminder of an unbreakable bond that you share with a loved one. Alternatively, padlock jewelry makes for a meaningful gift to somebody you hold dear.

With a trend to suit every style; which one will you be trying this year?

Photo by Andie Gómez-Acebo on Unsplash