Jenifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Donate A Year’s Worth of Food To Tennessee Elementary Students

One of the best things about having a lot of money is being able to help people when they need it. And, a lot of people are in need. Thankfully, Jenifer Lopez and her partner, Alex Rodrigues decided to give back to children in need.

It all happened because of a viral post the teacher wrote. Hey, that’s the beauty of social media today! If your voice reaches the right people, everything can change.

Stay with us here – It’s a great, heartwarming story.

Just recently, at Jacksboro Elementaryat a first-grade teacher had a student ask her when the guidance counselor was coming by to give him food to take home because he was out.

The child talking about not having anything to eat, touched the teacher who then decided to share the story on her Facebook account.

“Today I cried for a child, a child who so innocently talked about food, and the lack of it,” she starts her touching post.

East Tennessee teacher’s viral social post creates a school pantry!

The Facebook post went viral, being shared more than 17,000 times (less than 40,000 people live in Campbell County). As a result, the school has been able to open its very own Eagles Market Pantry to help prevent a scenario like this from happening again.

However, the people in Campbell Country weren’t the only ones who saw the post and were touched by it.

Jenifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez somehow found out about the incident and decided to help. The couple donated a year’s worth of food to the school.

Both Lopez and Rodriguez shared the news with their fans on Instagram. They posted a video, face-timing with Jacksboro teacher Brooke Goins and the children who are opening the donated packages.

The famous couple said they were moved to tears by the teachers.

“When we heard about the students and amazing teachers at Jacksboro Elementary in Tennessee, we knew we had to help,” Jennifer wrote. “When we saw this story, it brought tears not just to my eyes, but Alex’s as well! I don’t know if you guys know, but Alex and I are part owners in a company called Tiller & Hatch, and we decided to donate a year’s worth of their yummy, healthy meals, for the students and their school’s food pantry.”

Alex also wrote a lengthy caption saying: “This story brought tears to my eyes and I’m so happy we were able to help these wonderful kids out. Giving back is truly what matters most. ❤️”

Jennifer used the opportunity and shared her thoughts on why business ownership and being able to make decisions is important.

“It’s about showing our community, this is what life can be. You can take charge and take ownership. It allows us to have a say in creating things that make people’s lives better and have partners that share our passion for giving back. Because giving back and being there for others is really what matters most ❤️❤️❤️”

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