Japanese Style: How to Wrap Gifts in Less than 15 Seconds?

It’s gift wrapping season people, and I’m going to show you how to wrap gifts like a professional.

You know that the Japanese people are professionals when it comes to doing something efficiently and fast.

Recently there was a video on the Internet that went viral in minutes. It’s a worker from the Takashimaya Department store. He wrapped the gift in 12 seconds.

Kids recognize him as the person who works for Santa Claus.

Thanks to a YouTube channel, we can learn how to do it, as well. They analyzed the method and made a how-to video.

The best thing is that they did it right on time when we are going to wrap so many gifts for the Holiday season.

If your family has many kids you need to wrap gifts for, here is a fabulous idea.

Dress as a Santa Claus. Set the camera in front of you. Press record and start wrapping their gifts while singing Jingle Bells and saying Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas.

They will lose their minds!

Here is the how-to video:

So many gifts to wrap up, but so little time to finish them all. That’s why this video will come in handy for you and all of your friends.

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