Is There a Benefit to Using Hemp Oil on Skin?

There always seem to be new skincare trends emerging. And sometimes it can feel hard to try and keep up.

That’s why we are here to help! One of the most popular skincare trends at the moment is using hemp oil for skincare products.

Now, to some people, this can sound a bit confusing at first as hemp comes from the same plant that is used to make weed! So how the heck can that plant be used for skin?

Well, in short, it is able to relax the skin in the same way that weed can relax the mind. Plus, hemp oil comes from a natural plant and is a much more favorable ingredient compared to chemical ingredients that pose much greater health threats.

To produce hemp oil for the skin, the oil is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds. But it is important to know that the oil does not have any of the psychoactive parts that are found in weed.  So before we get into the benefits of using hemp oil on the skin, we want to re-emphasize that there are few risks involved in using hemp oil!

What can hemp oil actually do for your skin? Here are all the benefits to getting super excited about that hopefully inspire you to incorporate hemp oil into your own skincare routine.

1.  Manages the natural oil your skin produces

One of the biggest factors in skin issues is that your skin either produces too much or too little oil naturally, which can impact the health of your pores. When using hemp oil on your skin, you are allowing the oil level to become neutralized at a healthy level and ensuring your body naturally produces the right amount. For those that suffer from skin conditions like acne, this is extremely beneficial to remedy the problem using natural ingredients rather than chemically induced acne formulas.

2. It keeps your skin calm

As mentioned before, hemp oil is able to keep your skin nice and calm, meaning that it helps moderate any risk of inflammation. Many skin conditions begin when the skin is constantly under pressure from inflammation, so hemp oil can really take the stress off and encourage the skin to grow and regenerate in a healthy and calm way. The result is that your skin will be looking extremely hydrated and nourished—minimizing the amount of makeup required for a dewy or glowing look.

3.  Prevents signs of aging

Everyone wants to take a dip in the fountain of youth. And hemp oil is one of the closest things you can do to help prevent signs of aging like wrinkles from occurring. You are never too young to start treating your skin for anti-aging measures and hemp oil is a great way to keep skin hydrated and regenerative in a natural way! You will notice that many of the best anti-aging skincare brands use hemp oil as one of their staple ingredients in the formula.

4. Allows you to go all natural

Most of us have to deal with at least one type of skin issue to the point where we feel the need to hide it with makeup. But one of the biggest benefits of using hemp oil is that your skin looks naturally beautiful, which will give you the confidence to go all-natural from time to time and giving your pores some well-deserved breathing time!

Hemp oil provides your skin with many benefits that range from treating skin problems to preventing inflammation and giving you a natural and beautiful glow!  With so many benefits why wouldn’t you try incorporating hemp oil into your own skincare routine?