Is Meijer a Good Place to Shop?

Looking to get quality products for a great price? If so, you may want to consider everything that a supermarket like Meijer has to offer. If you’re in the Midwest of the United States, particularly West Michigan, there may just be a Meijer near you.

From the many deals and discounts to mPerks (Meijer’s own customer reward system), there are simply so many ways for a customer to save while getting all the products they need. Here’s a little more on what this store has to offer and why they’re well-known for being a great choice for many individuals.

A quick look into the history of Meijer

Starting out in 1962, the Meijer we know and love has certainly had a few decades in the retail business. At first, though, Meijer was only a small grocery chain – and its history goes back a little before the date of opening its first supercenter store.

It all began during the Great Depression back in 1934, when a barber decided to stock some groceries for his customers. Over time, the selection slowly began to improve, with more products being added, until a small store was formed. From here, they branched out to a second small Meijer store.

It was only in 1962 that Meijer would start to become the brand that we know today; a supermarket that has practically everything you’d need to buy in one trip. In fact, they created the first supercenters in retail! Since then, they have continued to grow and open up more stores, even expanding outside of Michigan to nearby states, with Ohio and Indiana being two of the first, later moving further into the Midwest.

Over the many years that Meijer has been in the retail industry, it’s been known for its convenience, quality, and affordability – and even as the market has changed, Meijer has still held on to its core values.

How good is Meijer today?

All that should give you a better idea of how Meijer managed to climb the ranks and become one of the most popular supermarkets in the Midwestern states – but how does it hold up today compared to its competition?

Many of those who choose to shop at Meijer will find that these stores are still some of the best in the US. Aside from being the first supercenter, Meijer is also one of the best at what it does – offering practically everything you could ask for. Some even have barbershops, due to the fact that Hendrik Meijer (the founder) was a barber before starting his grocery business.

They’re also well known for having fantastic products, which is always something that you should keep in mind when choosing somewhere to shop. From fresh fruit and vegetables to cuts of meat; many agree that Meijer has some of the best products in the industry.

With all that Meijer has to offer, from the variety of products to the excellent prices, it really is one of the best supermarket chains in the Midwest.

Take advantage of the excellent prices

Meijer typically has incredible prices in general, but these are made even better with the promotional offers and wide variety of deals that these stores often have going on. You’ll typically find that you can save on many of the items in Meijer stores, with fresh produce, electronics, and household essentials being but a few.

Of course, you’ll find all the usual kinds of deals, like buy one get one free, but Meijer also has their own version: 10 for $10. It’s a weekly bargain where a bunch of items are reduced to just $10 – and if you buy ten, you’ll get the 11th item for free. That’s certainly not a bad deal if you’re looking to buy in bulk, or simply find 11 products you need that are a part of this deal.

Just by taking a quick look at the Meijer weekly ad, you should have a better idea of some of the fantastic discounts that this chain of superstores has to offer.

Meijer cares about their customers

Putting all this aside for a moment, Meijer is also a company that puts in the effort for its customers – and this shines through in quite a few ways.

For example, using the mPerks rewards system, you could save quite a bit of cash on your everyday shopping needs outside of the other deals and discounts on offer. The more you shop, the more points you will earn – which you can use to enjoy some of the many great perks this reward system has to offer.

This isn’t even all that you could do to save while shopping at Meijer either. With their partnership with Flashfood, Meijer is aiming to prevent putting food into landfills, instead of selling it for incredibly low discounts. These products are typically the foods that are close to their expatriation date. While it’s still a fairly new service, it’s one you’ll want to look into.

You could save even more money if you’re looking for somewhere to get medication since Meijer offers free prescriptions to help customers get the medicine they need for free. This certainly makes it easier for Meijer shoppers to save cash and keep on top of their health.

Meijer even aims to encourage equality in many different ways, which only helps shoppers to feel more comfortable and appreciated in their stores.