Is it Safe to Take Cognitive Enhancers Without a Prescription?

The use of cognitive enhancers which are also known as “smart drugs” is on the rise. This doesn’t come as a surprise since these drugs claim to increase brain powers and do wonders for people’s mental skills. This could be the dream of many; whether it’s a young student who is being crushed under the endless assignments, midterms, and exams, or young professionals who are trying to climb the corporate ladder; or even adults and seniors who are afraid of dementia. 

Popping pills might seem like the easiest option to go for in these situations, however, things might not always do what they are advertised for. 

So, to make a conscious decision on whether you should go for these smart drugs or not, we need to understand first their effects. 

What are Nootropics? 

The term “Nootropics” in the past was used strictly for chemicals. Nowadays, it can be used to refer to any natural or synthetic substance that has a positive impact on enhancing brain powers or mental abilities. They are usually categorized as supplements and prescription drugs. While these drugs can be used for any FDA approved reason such as Alzheimer’s or if you have ADHD, other reasons might be more controversial when it comes to healthy people without these problems. 

Feelings of uncertainty when you first come across these types of drugs are completely normal. You will need pieces of advice and answers to the expected questions that you might think of. Reviewers at Nootropics Advisor have answered many questions that people usually contemplate when they hear about these drugs. Questions such as the place that you can get these types of drugs, the price, the type you need to take, and how will it affect you positively and negatively. There are many types of cognitive enhancers; you will find modafinil to be the most popular one in terms of use and availability. 

Modafinil and Armodafinil 

While this drug was first introduced to the market for treating narcolepsy back in the late 1990s, nowadays it’s being used among teenagers and adults for wakefulness. It helps students and hard workers to pull all-nighters while being more alert and focused. Modafinil and armodafinil might also help in treating stimulant withdrawal due to their effect in reducing dependency and drug cravings. 

Drugs, in general, affect people differently but you should be more careful when you are trying smart drugs in the beginning to understand their effect on your body and mind. The most common side effects are reduced fatigue, increased anxiety, headache, dizziness, and of course, sleeplessness. The long-term side effects are still not clear since research into nootropics is still limited. 

It’s always better to avoid any obsessive or extreme behavior when you are dealing with drugs. That’s why, the right move is to consult your doctor to find out if these drugs will benefit or harm you before developing strong positive or negative feelings. Your doctor will be the best one to advise on whether you should give these drugs a shot or to steer clear from them. 

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