Is It Really Worth It To Buy A Yaheetech 54.5″ Cat Tree Tower?

To keep our cats healthy, content, and entertained, cat owners constantly search for the finest solutions. There is no shortage of activities and toys that you can purchase for your cat, but the cat tree may be the most popular.

Cat trees exist in various sizes and designs, like cats, ranging from simple pieces of furniture with a single level of height to intricate pieces with several branches that seem to defy gravity. Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower is available for purchase at all Walmart locations around the country.

But if you consider their size, cost, simplicity, or extravagance, are cat trees worth it?

Why Cat Trees Are Important (For You and Your Cat)

Unwillingly or not, cats must maintain their claw sharpness. If you don’t have a solution for their roaming paws, whether you like it or not, they can end up doing it all over your furniture.

Maintain Your Furniture

Yaheetech 54.5″ Cat Tree Tower offers them a rough surface to pull and rip at as much as they choose, and once they start, they might not want to stop!

Once you see the damage a cat can cause to a post covered in a coarse rope, you’ll probably be glad you spent the money on it rather than an expensive furniture repair.

Allow Cats Room to Climb!

Have you ever noticed how cats try to climb to the highest point in a room? While it’s clear that one of the reasons it’s up there is to survey its subjects (you and your family) and kingdom (your house), cats also like high locations for the security they offer.

Create a Comfortable & Secure Environment

The added feeling of security that cats, especially shy ones, require to feel safe is provided by being able to perch on a cat tree, even if it is only a short distance from the ground. This allows for sufficient gazing (that can rapidly develop into reclining). Be cautious, though, as a particularly tall cat tree presents its dangers, especially for extremely young and clumsy kittens.

 Our 54.5″ Cat Tree Tower features 3 top perches platforms to enjoy the sensation of being at the top of the world and sitting to stare out the window, as well as 2 huge hideaway houses that offer incredibly soft and warm lounging locations. Sisal rope winding posts also promote constructive scratching habits.

Cats can hop from perch to perch while playing with the toys attached. This Yaheetech 54.5″ Cat Tree Tower  has improved stability and solid support thanks to the sturdy supports and 19.5×19.5″ baseboard. Comes with a safety strap that fastens the cat tree to the wall to help avoid damage and harm from vigorous jumping and leaping.

This Yaheetech 54.5″ Cat Tree Tower gives your cats a place to climb, play, scratch, establish dominance, hide, or feel comfortable. Additionally, including a scratching post in your cat tree can help save some room while keeping your kittens away from your sensitive furnishings.

54.5″ Cat Tree Tower  is specifically for kittens or small/medium-sized cats, measuring 19.5 x 19.5 x 54.5″ (LxWxH). This cat tower is made of skin-friendly plush material and CARB Phase 2 particleboard to provide your little angels with a safe, stable home and entertainment area.

Don’t worry about putting our Yaheetech 54.5″ Cat Tree Tower together. A step-by-step training manual and assistance aids are included. Yaheetch is one of the leading providers of cat tree towers

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