Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Kitten as a Present?

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Creating gifts is so pleasant! What if you give a huge original cake or a parachute jump? And what if a funny pet? No, no, and no! Learn why buying a kitten as a present is not a good idea.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Kitten as a Present?

Some people having a pet at home want to share the joy and positive emotions with others and consider giving their loved ones a kitten as it’s so nice to have a small, fluffy creature who will become your friend. But, unfortunately, this idea fails in most cases. In some countries, shelters stop giving pets to new families before great holidays like Christmas. A lot of people are willing to present a kitten or a puppy and don’t even think of their future. And as a rule, after holidays, you might see a lot of homeless cats and dogs on the streets again. In our article, you will find an explanation of why you shouldn’t consider a kitten as a present.

Person Doesn’t Want to Have a Kitten

You are crazy about cats, and it seems to you that everyone should have this lovely fluffy creature. You don’t have to project your attitude to animals on other people and think that having a cat is real happiness.

Lack of Skills to Take Care of a Pet

You need enough skills and experience to keep a kitten. If a person suddenly gets a pet, he will be confused. What to do with it? How to take care of him? Unfortunately, the lack of practical knowledge may lead to bad consequences. Besides, any pet may fall ill seriously and die, giving the owner deep worries. Have you ever thought of being ready to take this responsibility?

Receiver Is Not Ready to Bear Responsibility

A pet is a living creature with its own needs. It does not matter whether it’s a dog or an aquarium fish — everyone needs special care. Taking care of a pet will cost time and money to treat his pet and buy the best kitten food. Are you sure that a person will be happy to get such a gift? For example, little kids and pets are not the best company. Yes, they look cute and are often friends, but this results from the parents’ detailed educational work.

Sometimes some relatives want to cheer a child and give him a kitten. A child is glowing with happiness, and a gift-giver is sure he did everything right, but how are things going on? The kid lacks responsibility and has no desire to take care of his pet; the only thing a child can do is play with a kitten. Feeding and cleaning a cat’s litter box fall on the parents. They are unlikely to be happy about it.

Pet Has to Be a Family Member

A pet is not a toy, but a family member. A family needs to be ready to accept him and wait for him. Specialists do not recommend having a pet if at least one family member is against it. And in this case, the risk is too great! Imagine that you give a baby to a family. Sounds weird? Same thing.

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What if a new owner does not like the pet? What if he does not like a pet’s color or breed? Or an owner and his pet won’t match the characters? Or some of the family members may be allergic to animals? What will happen to your pet then?

You Will Be Blamed in Any Situation

A kitten is your gift, and if there are any problems, your friend or relative will remember it. Are you ready to listen to all the claims about each broken vase or flower pot, torn curtains, scratched furniture, etc.? Sooner or later, good things we do can turn against us. There are a great number of ideas to surprise on a birthday or any other holiday. A kitten as a gift is a good idea only if you have already found out and agreed on everything in advance, and his new family is waiting for him!

When Is It a Good Idea to Give a Kitten?

A kitten could be a good present if you are going to give it to your child. In this case, you can be sure that nothing bad will happen to the pet even if your kid can’t look after it, you will be able to take this responsibility. Pediatricians state that cats could be good for children as they help build a stable psyche, calm the nerves, and strengthen health. Children who have been in contact with pets from childhood are less allergic and have high immunity.

If you have already decided to give a kitten as a present, you don’t need to make a ready-made present. You might pick up a cat shelter, make an appointment, and tell your child that you are going together to choose a fluffy friend right now. Your child will be more excited about taking part in making a decision than getting a kitten in a box.

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