Is CBD Oil a Boon for Your Hair and Skin?

The term CBD, or cannabidiol, refers to one of more than 100 active compounds in cannabis plants, while cannabidiol oil refers to a mix of CBD extracted from said plants and a carrier oil, usually coconut oil since this type of oil is easily absorbed by the skin and helps improve the skin and hair like very few other plant-based products can.

CBD oil has been gaining traction in the health world with people worried about the chemicals in their favorite commercial skin care and hair care products but who look for natural products that ensure proper moisturization of their skin and locks. It’s no secret that dry skin in summer needs proper moisturizing especially if it comes in contact with saltwater and/or the chlorine generously added to most swimming pools.

Many health-conscious people have tried different products to battle the dryness of their skin, but they have failed to find a no-nonsense and all-natural solution. However, with CBD oil, you can say goodbye to dry skin as the little-known ingredient truly shines bright in the skin moisturizing department.

Although CBD is the key to luscious locks and radiant skin, its carrier oil is also important. Most CBD-based products use either coconut oil or hemp seed oil as their carrier oil, but coconut oil is a superfood that has plenty of benefits for your hair and skin too. It helps soothe the skin and make it glow with time, so when it is used in CBD oil, you can expect only the best results.

CBD oil is not only used for the skin, as it can also stimulate hair growth and make it stronger. Since it is packed with amino acids, CBD oil helps boost collagen and elastin production, which makes hair stronger, fuller, and thicker in the long run. Also, because CBD oil is rich in healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, it helps restore the natural skin barrier function and keep moisture loss at bay.

Another reason CBD oil is a boon for your hair and skin is that the product is rich in antioxidants which shield the skin and hair against free radicals, sun damage, premature aging, water loss, and frizz.

So, CBD oil is a natural health-boosting ingredient you’ll need to add to your hair and skin care regimen. But apart from CBD oil’s beauty benefits, there are some health benefits attached to this oil that have been acknowledged by health bodies all over the world. Here are some examples.

It Helps Alleviate Anxiety and Depression

In our world, anxiety and depression are two of the most common sources of breakdowns and even deaths, and they have taken their toll on humanity for far too long. However, an excellent way to keep these disorders in check is CBD oil, which has been proven to lower stress and anxiety in several animal studies.

It Relieves Pain

CBD oil can help fight off joint pain and stiffness due to the strong anti-inflammatory compounds in it. The feat is quite unusual as very rarely a product can help users get the glow they need for their skin, while also keeping their joints and bodies pain-free.

It Helps Combat Cancer Symptoms & Chemo’s Ugly Side Effects

CBD helps people who are experiencing cancer symptoms or those who are deep into chemotherapy by drastically reducing the side effects of the life-saving medical procedure.

It Battles Acne and Wins

In summer, due to excess sweat and prolonged sun exposure, some people might experience more breakouts on different parts of their bodies, especially their faces. CBD oil can help clear this issue and keep the skin normal so that you do not have to face an acne issue again. Most teens have to deal with acne at some point in their lives, and some deal with it until adulthood and beyond. However, with CBD oil, you can keep those problematic patches of skin moisturized and inflammation-free to truly sweep acne or any other skin issues away.

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