Introducing Laudee’s Premium Hair Collection and Eye Lashes

Women always want to look beautiful, but not all women have the luscious, curvy lashes or beautiful hair they want. Also, many don’t have enough time and patience to get dressed. So eyelash extension, hair extension or wearing a wig is a practical way out. The materials used as false eyelashes or wigs are as follows:

1. Synthetic Hair

These types of false lashes and wigs are usually a mixture of plastic and silk. The price is usually cheaper, but still beautiful to use. Has more models than other types, but less flexible.

Curly Hairs

2. Human Hair

Types of false eyelashes and wigs made from human hair usually cost more, and of course the quality is different. False lashes made from real hair are usually lighter, more pliable, and look natural. Use it up to about 6 to 10 times. How to distinguish it from synthetic types? Apart from price, it can also be seen from the texture and flexibility. If it’s too slippery and a bit bouncy when bent, then it’s synthetic type false lashes.

3. Animal Hair

Especially for false eyelashes, some are made of animal hair, and what is usually used is mink fur. The price is the most expensive of the other types, but the texture is the best. Very supple, smooth, light and soft. Its use is quite long, up to a dozen times.

From the explanation above, there are premium hair extensions, wigs, eye lashes with premium materials, namely


Laudee`s Mink Eye Lashes collection


– made of mink fur, so it is more natural, light and flexible

– the correct length and thickness of the lashes

– handmade

– has 3 layers, so that the volume is thicker

– Suitable for parties, weddings or evening events.

– The color is natural

– Can be used multiple times, up to 20-25 times

– Shipping from USA with fast and precise delivery


Laudee’s Premium Hair Collection

– 100% made of human hair

– Many hairstyles, from straight, wavy and wavy

– Hair colors are offered in various types, from black, brown, red, burgundy, blonde, purple to orange

– All shipments from USA with prompt and prompt delivery

Eye Lashes
Laudee Wig Collection consists of:

– Burgundy Dream Front Lace Wig

– Deep Wave Front Lace WigStraight Front Lace Wig

– Brazilian Straight U-Part Wig

– Straight Bob Wig

– Blonde Straight Bob Wig

– Brazilian Loose Wave Front Lace Wig

kinky curly hair

– Purple Lush Front Lace Wig

– Front Lace Blonde Body Wave Wig

– Neon Orange Front Lace Wig

– Brazilian Deep Wave U-Part Wig

– Straight Full Lace Wig

– Body Wave Front Lace Wig

– Pink Blush Front Lace Wig

– Yellow Flame Front Lace Wig

– Blue Diamond Front Lace Wig

– Cotton Candy Front Lace Wig

– Teal Temptress Front Lace Wig

– Red Sapphire Front Lace Wig

– Purple Pop Front Lace Wig

Beautiful Hairs
Laudee Hair Extensions Collection as follows:

– Brazilian Deep Wave

– Brazilian Loose Wave

– Brazilian Body Wave

– Indian Wavy Hair Extensions

– Brazilian Kinky Curly

– Brazilian Kinky Straight Hair

– Brazilian Silky Straight

– Brazilian Body Wave Blonde

– Brazilian Afro Kinky

– Malaysian Body Wave

– Indian Curly Hair Extensions

– Vietnamese Natural Wave

– Malaysian Straight

– Brazilian Gray Body Wave

– Vietnamese Straight

– Brazilian Spanish Wave

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