Intermittent relationship

Some people break up and get back together so often that a special term has been created to describe this phenomenon – it is referred to as intermittent relationship. What is its nature and causes?

One of the popular psychological theories says that love relationships are like living beings – they are born, develop, are in their prime, and then deteriorate gradually. How to survive such a difficult period in the relationship?

Divorce times

In our times the number of people who get divorced is rising. Partners get married, start their families, bring up children, and after many years realize that „this is not what they wanted”. Some couples decide to split up, others refrain from taking any decisions as they are afraid of uncertain future. Offspring often prevents people from breaking up. But still there are many couples who get divorced. In some cases a decision to split up proves to be made on the spur of the moment only. In such cases one of partners or both partners decide to rebuild the relationship just to break up again after some time… It is a vicious circle. Why do they do so?

Conditions for intermittent relationship

The intermittent relationship concerns primarily persons involved a love relationship for a long time, but also those who have a tendency to get dependent on others emotionally. Sometimes the problem applies to people who have feelings for someone who is totally different – in such case it is very hard to establish a solid bond. Discrepancies in terms of life goals and interests, as well as far-reaching personality differences may be a source of permanent conflicts and misunderstandings. If the bond with the partner is strong, break-ups arising from the aforementioned differences turn out to be temporary only.

How to deal with conflicts?

A key to solving problems in the relationship is to take a close look at your own behavior, preferably from the point of view of your partner. If partners break up regularly to get back together, the root of the problem is not simple. The key is to identify it and all its aspects and either change yourself or the situation, or be consistent and choose suffering related to break-up rather than the one arising from permanent conflicts which always give the same result.

There is no golden rule for this relationship. Every couple who remains in such relationship must deal with their problems on their own. Sometimes relationships require sacrifices and changes which may sometimes seem to be too costly. For more details about issues in relationships, please visit:

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