Interesting Facts About The WSOP

WSOP, a series of poker tournaments that attract players from all over the world to test their talents against the best of the best, is undoubtedly one of the pinnacles of competitive poker.

Whether you prefer playing online poker to playing in person, you can not deny that this is the tournament to play in.

Join us as we offer background information on this illustrious event series and learn some fascinating facts about this exciting poker tournament.

A Quick Look at the WSOP

The WSOP is open to amateurs eager to test out some recently acquired poker tournament strategies and seasoned players who can take advantage of weaker opponents. The mix of these two types of players makes the event more exciting.

It is an exhilarating experience for both participants and viewers because it’s feasible for unidentified players to come away with a victory that might change their lives.

But does that imply everybody can participate? Not quite. The WSOP has two entrance requirements.

You must first be 21 or older. Second, you need to be able to pay the buy-in or have a seat reserved via a satellite event. You can participate in one of the world’s most intense poker tournament series if you fulfill these two criteria.

A Brief History of the WSOP

The “seed” that would later blossom into the inaugural WSOP game was a precursor event named the Texas Gamblers Reunion, according to the article “World Series of Poker: A Brief History.”

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Some of the best poker players, including Benny Binion, gathered for the first (and only) Texas Gamblers Reunion in 1969. Binion decided to take the reins and organize his gathering once it was revealed that there wouldn’t be another Texas Gamblers Reunion.

Because of this, Binion founded the World Series of Poker, which, despite not being the immediate smash hit he had planned, marked the beginning of something genuinely unique in the poker world.

The WSOP 2022  had its 53rd annual competition many years later. Espen Jorstad of Norway prevailed over more than 8,600 opponents to win the top prize of the $10 million Main Event.

That’s not too terrible for a competition that initially had just seven participants and didn’t even provide a prize for first place.

6 Interesting WSOP Facts

1.    The First WSOP was Not a Tournament.

The first world series of poker wasn’t even a tournament, even though the event is now often associated with tournament play. A vote ultimately decided the top player among the players.

Of course, this has changed over time, with more people wanting to play at the event.

2. The Very First, First Place Prize was 30,000usd. 

The person that won the 1971 WSOP received a $30,000 prize for defeating the field. The winner of this competition’s innovative first-place award was Johnny Moss, who had previously triumphed in the inaugural WSOP in 1970.

Even for jackpots in some casino table games and live dealer casino games, $30,000 may not sound like much money today, but it was a significant sum of money at the time.

3. The WSOP Bracelets were Introduced in 1976.

The victors’ acceptance of their honorary bracelets is another enduring aspect of the WSOP experience. However, these bracelets weren’t available before 1976; instead, prizes for winning were awarded at earlier games.

4. The WSOP Bracelets were (Temporarily) Replaced in 1982.

Some players expressed displeasure about getting a bracelet in recognition of winning the WSOP. Some people thought these accessories were too feminine.

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Thus, they decided to switch the bracelet to a gold wristwatch. Unfortunately for the organizers, the watches were even less popular, which led to the bracelet’s return for the 1983 competition.

5. Phil Hellmuth has Won the Most WSOP Bracelets.

There is no denying that the WSOP has seen some fantastic players win the coveted bracelets throughout its 50-year history. But Phil Hellmuth is the player who has earned the most WSOP bracelets.

He left the competition with 16 bracelets and over $17 million. It puts him currently six bracelets ahead of the competition. Ivey has won around $9 million during his WSOP career, which is close to half of Hellmuth’s total WSOP earnings.

6. Only Three Other Players Have Won 10 or More WSOP Bracelets (Aside from Hellmuth).

You can tell you understand poker if you can win more hands than you lose. You can create good results even when luck is not on your side since you know how the game is played and have the skills to back it up.

The difference between decent and great poker players is this feat, as just four players have been able to win 10 or more WSOP bracelets throughout their careers so far.

It is this talent that distinguishes the best WSOP players from the others. Of course, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Ivey are among them (the last three have 10 apiece.)


The world series of poker is a prestigious event that most poker players would dream of playing. It has a rich history and has undergone significant changes in the past. It started small, with only a few players joining, and the cash prize was not as big as now.

With the rise of poker, this annual event became the tournament we all want to watch and compete in.

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