Instead Of Pictures, This Artist Makes Embroideries Of Her Travels

Whenever we visit a new place, we like to make the memory more permanent by taking pictures of the most interesting sights we see. That is the job and joy of every tourist while sightseeing.

In resent years we seem to live trough the lens of our phone or our camera, just snapping away, not truly looking at what we’re taking pictures of. We are more concerned if the picture we took came out good instead of simply enjoying the landscape before or eyes.

The artist and textile designer Teresa Lim not only enjoys her travels to the fullest, but also takes her time to truly capture the beauty of her favorite discoveries in the most unique way: by embroidering them. Embroidery might be a dying art, but luckily there are people like Teresa that are still keeping it alive.

With her ongoing project Sew Wanderlust, she meticulously preserves her travel memories with pieces of thread. The finished product is absolutely lovely. A perfect way to be reminded that there are times when we need to stop and smell the roses.



Prague – Old Town

PRAGUE - Old town

Vietnam – Ha Long Bay

VIETNAM - Ha Long Bay


Singapore – China Town

SINGAPORE- china town

Germany – Laufersweiler

GERMANY - Laufersweiler



London – Big Ben

LONDON - Big Ben



Perth – Serpentine Falls

PERTH - Serpentine Falls



Prague – Charles Bridge

PRAGUE - charles bridge

What a lovely and refreshing way to preserve memories.

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