Instagram Trending: Lo-Fi Vs High Budget Video

Instagram has been a home for content creators, businesses, influencers, bloggers, YouTube channels, and ventures to make their profile and connect with their viewers or customers. One more thing they do is the branding of their product, service or their talent, or day-to-day lives. Even when someone is trying out something new or beginning with a startup, they turn to Instagram and make a profile because that is the social media platform that generates the most audience.

People do a lot of things to increase visibility for their profile and attract audiences to their page. They post videos, be creative with their posts, put up stories or another smart tactic is to buy Instagram followers, to increase traffic. If you are looking to purchase followers, you can go up to to get a great deal.

Another question which people have in mind is whether to make high-quality videos or lo-fi videos. High-quality videos are those made with camera equipment with cinematic effects and editing. Lo-fi videos are those that are made with your phone with very little edits.

It is important to compare the two with their pros and cons to see which one is better.

Lo-fi Vs High Budget Video on Instagram:

  1. Affordability:

The key factor that can influence a person’s decision to make a lo-fi video or a high-quality video is their budget. High-quality videos require camera equipment to be rented, lights must be bought and some external help might be needed to shoot the video. This makes it very expensive and individuals and new companies might not have such a large amount of money to spend on an Instagram video.

On the other hand, lo-fi video can be shot on your phone as well. The maximum you can do is use any of the cheap cameras and start shooting. In this argument, lo-fi video wins because this video is cheaper to make and easier to edit.

  • Time taken:

Creating a high-quality video needs a lot of time. A shoot needs to be scheduled, the camera equipment needs to be set up and the aftermath requires time because the editor needs to get everything perfect. In today’s fast-paced world, brands and businesses cannot take so much time in the production of a single video or they would miss out on something else. There are trends being changed on a daily or hourly basis that the brands and content creators need to keep up with.

Lo-fi videos can be made in a few hours or even less if it is a short video. It does not require hours of editing or color grading hence it is very convenient for everyone to make them.

  • Authentic:

Audiences nowadays like simple, straightforward, and raw content. They do not like too much color grading and editing which makes the video look made up and fake. With the creation of lo-fi videos, your content can look real and raw, just like the audience likes it.

A lot of industries are investing more and more to make lo-fi videos that are liked by audiences, such as the retail industry, fashion industry, and skincare and beauty industry. Therefore, if you really want to remain authentic, lo-fi videos are the way to go.

  • Relatable:

Customers like content and branding that look relatable. Gone are the days when people were fans of eye-catching visuals and unimaginable editing and creativity. People now look for original content that they can relate to in everyday life. This can surely not be portrayed by making high-quality, expensive videos. Even if the content is relatable, the visuals and cinematography is not.

Hence, it is proven by Instagram itself that the lo-fi videos are getting more views and are far more successful than videos and reels that are high-budgeted.

  • Video quality:

Some brands are still of the opinion that they should make content and videos that are good in visual and sound quality and are eye-catching. They do not want to create lo-fi content as they find the image shaky, sometimes blur, and annoying background sounds. Hence, if your first priority is to focus on visual quality, you must not hesitate to create a high-quality video.

  • Brand image:

Sometimes the businesses have such a brand image that it is difficult to portray it in a lo-fi video, shot from a mobile phone camera. The brand has a history of creating spectacular visual commercials, advertisements, and promotions and wants to continue doing that. Hence, these brands and companies like to create and favor high-budgeted videos.

How to create a good lo-fi video?

Instagram has a lot of tactics and hacks which you can use in order to promote your page. Some people even buy 100k Instagram followers in order to take advantage of a high follower count. Hence, let’s look at what to do to make a good lo-fi video.

  1. Do not care about quality:

If you think that your content will be the same as other high-end videos, accept that it would not look like that. Your content will have its own individuality and hence you should be confident in it.

  • Do something trendy:

Try to follow the trends that are going on Instagram. Almost every day a new trend is set and people start posting or putting up stories about it. Hence, go with the trends and people will surely like your ideas.

  • Have fun:

When making lo-fi videos, it is important to have fun. You can record your workers in the middle of a meeting, create a vlog about a day at the workplace, or record behind the scenes of a shoot. This will engage a different size of the business and feel engaged.


The decision of making a high budget or a lo-fi video stays with you and depends on the money you are willing to spend; the time you have or the brand image you have. Keeping these things in mind will help you to make better decisions.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash