Instagram Highlight Feature; Four Ways to Help in Social Media Marketing

Instagram introduced some good features in last couple of years. The highlights feature was one of the main features that made this social media platform ahead of the Snapchat. This feature allows the real followers on Instagram to pin their most important and memorable stories on their profile which can be removed only when the users want to. Users can use this feature into their benefit when it comes to social media marketing. There are four ways to use the Instagram Highlights feature for social media marketing.

The first way is the Product Collection. In this way if you are running a brand and are launching new products then you can add those products’ stories into the Instagram Highlight Feature by naming it “New Products 2019”. This will act as a separate collection of your products which are new for the present year. If the products get old and there are new products going to be launched, then you can rename the “New Products 2019” with any name. Give this name to the highlights of the new products which have been launched. Using this feature properly will help you a lot if you are running a brand’s profile in which there are multiple products being launched or there is some latest news regarding the brand. This feature keeps the profile fresh.

The second way is the FAQ. If you are running a brand profile and there are multiple same questions being asked by the people, then you can create a highlight of the collection of questions which are being repeated by the followers. This way will create convenience for the followers if they want to know about something about your brand and will also be convenient for the brand to answer the questions once.

The third way is the Your Favorite Reviews. You can create a collection of your favorite reviews from all the social media platforms and highlight it in your brand’s Instagram profile. This will help your brand to be more credible in a much fast manner.

The fourth way is the Intimate Looks. In this approach the users can show the behind the scenes of their brand. Users can take pictures of the office, their creation of the products, different events going on regarding your brand, company culture etc. All these things help to creates true vibes for the brand. It gives a sense of good message to their followers. It also helps to increase the brands’ authenticity which is very important for the brand itself to grow. The stories should be in a raw condition that creates an authentic feeling. This will attract more people to your brand when they will feel authenticity.

By using these ways, you can create your brand and improve it to a much higher level. These ways create your brand to be more authentic, credible and more popular around the market. It is highly recommended to use these ways for social media marketing.

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