Inside The Wedding of Hailey And Justin Bieber in South Carolina

In a couple of hours, Justin Bieber and Hailey will be married for the second time and they are planning a big celebration in South Carolina, with a long list of huge celebrity names. 

Justin and Hailey are set to walk down at the aisle Montage Palmetto Bluff. The big ceremony is scheduled to start around 6 PM with pre-ceremony beverages in the Somerset Chapel, after which the party is going to be at the Wilson Ballroom. 

According to TMZ, who has all the wedding details, a plated dinner will be served at 8 PM for 154 wedding guests. The ceremony is scheduled to last until midnight. 

It’s rumored that Daniel Caesar will be responsible for the music and he and all of his bend will get their own dinner buffet. 

Everything sounds perfect, right?

Well, apparently the other guests at Montage Palmetto Bluff aren’t too happy about this arrangement. This is because, the Montage guests are barred from using the spa, a pool, and a fancy restaurant for 48 hours while the Biebers enjoy unlimited access during their destination wedding, according to an e-mail, the TMZ obtained. 

Justin and Hailey a couple of hours before the wedding Picture wwwtmzcom

The restrictions apply from Sunday noon, when the rehearsal dinner takes place, until Tuesday noon. 

The hotel is offering refunds and other commodities to the guests as a thank you for their understanding because after all, it’s Hailey and Justin’s special day and a lot of big celebrities are on their way to the hotel. 

We’ll know the details of the wedding tomorrow, but today, we have some information concerning the rehearsal dinner, that’s already happening. 

It seems that Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Usher, Ed Sheeran, Jaden Smith, and the Baldwin brothers are already spotted that the property coming there with boats.  

Nothing like a boat cocktail before the big party begins. 

E News already reported that Hailey’s dress for the rehearsal dinner turned heads. She is making a fashion statement just hours before her big day, and everyone is excited and can’t stop talking about it.  

The bride-to-be wore a taffeta mini cocotte dress from Vivienne Westwood and astonishing  Jimmy Choo heels that are valued at close to $975.

Justin, on the other hand, wore a white polo shirt and black pants. This casual look is part of their vision to have a casual party where everyone can get together and celebrate their love under one roof. Sounds romantic. 

Daily Mail has already obtained pictures and even videos from the couple heading toward their rehearsal dinner. Both, Justin and Hailey looked spectacular, and we can’t wait for more juicy information from their fairytale-like wedding tomorrow.

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