Indulge Your Cat With These Healthy Food Choices

A two-year research conducted in England by Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition experts reveal that a healthy pet cats are capable of regulating their food intake to imitate what they would have consumed when they’re left in the wild. In this study, experts found out that kittens regulate their daily caloric intake to only 52 percent protein, 12 percent carbs and 36 percent fat. Obviously, cats are born to be carnivores and this means their daily diet have to be meat-based. The study also showed that cats can only consume a very limited amount of carbohydrates considering the fact that their biological makeup only allows them carbs at a certain level. There are several indicators in a cat’s body that tell us they shouldn’t be fed with a lot of carbohydrates. Cats don’t have taste receptors for sweet flavors. Their intestines also have a low glucose uptake rate. Their digestive system does not consist of salivary amylase that allows the breaking down of starches. In other words, if you’re going to feed them with a lot of carbs, you will only be putting their health at risk.  

Many of the diseases that cats suffer these days are due to pet owners’ lack of knowledge about the cat’s nutritional requirements. This issue is also compounded by the prevalence of poor quality pet food formulas.  

Your beloved feline deserves to be fed with healthy foods only. Failing to stick to the healthy nutritional requirements when feeding your pet cat will put him or her at risk of diabetes, pancreatitis and food allergies. Therefore, it is a must that you start making that healthy transition by feeding your furry pet biologically appropriate food. Below is a list of some of the healthy food choices that you may include in your pet’s daily diet plan:

ZIWI Peak Wet Beef Recipe 

This cat food is manufactured using beef from grass fed and free range cattle. This spares your cat from eating meat from animal sources that were injected with artificial hormones and antibiotics that could be harmful for them. Ziwipeak contains green lipped mussels which are known to be a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin which are beneficial for your cat’s joint health. Ziwipeak beef recipe is also a powerhouse of many other nutrients including vitamins A, D and E. It also has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Add in calcium, amino acids and probiotics. It’s also added with cold-washed tripe to ensure it tastes great your cat couldn’t resist! Reviews of the best wet cat food from FelineLiving include Ziwipeak as among the healthiest and best tasting cat foods. If your feline is a little bit picky when it comes to food, this one won’t let you down. 

Instinct Original Canned Cat Food

Manufacturers of Instinct Original canned cat food believe that animals must be served with raw natural diet. Each can contains high quality beef sourced from grass fed animals. It contains 70 percent beef and the remaining 30 percent consists of vegetables, fruits and other nutritious ingredients. Its heavy protein content helps ensure your cat meets his daily required protein intake. Cats with food allergies can also enjoy this canned food because it doesn’t contain allergy-causing ingredients such as grains, potatoes, soy, wheat and corn. 

“I and love and you” Essentials Grain Free 

This is another grain free food on this list because we believe that your cat definitely doesn’t deserve to suffer from food allergies! Opt for this “I and love and you” Essentials Grain Free cat food and your cat will surely love its protein rich, fully boned meat from chicken, tuna and salmon. It also has veggies and fruits that make each meal time loaded with nutrients. It is one hundred percent guaranteed that this can contain no carrageenan thickener and other artificial fillers. This product is manufactured to suit cats of all ages and breeds. With its impressive meat, vegetables and fruit composition, no wonder your cat will be able to obtain the right balance of the best nutrients needed for optimal health. 

Blue Freedom Adult Pate Indoor Chicken

Pet owners are aware that their cats need to adhere to a kind of diet that is rich in amino acids. This is why producers of Blue Freedom Adult Pate Indoor Chicken ensure that your cats will be able to obtain that in every meal. Each can also contains cranberries that help promote better urinary tract functioning for your cat. The inclusion of cranberries also provides fiber for your feline’s improved digestive health. Fiber is necessary for  shuttling out hairballs through the digestive system while also minimizing that disgusting litter box odor. This product also does not contain any artificial color and flavor. It’s also devoid of preservatives and chicken or poultry by-products. Pet owners won’t have to worry about feeding their sensitive cat this canned food because it does not have any allergy-triggering ingredients. 

Evanger’s 100% Organic Braised Chicken Dinner

Evanger’s are known for producing high quality, balanced and organic foods for pets. Their pet foods are certified by the USDA as organic. This cat food has been manufactured with your pet’s health in mind by keeping it nutritionally packed. It has chicken meat, chicken broth and liver which are all made from organic sources. Besides, this product is cooked in its own natural juices. It has no salt, preservatives, additives and artificial colors. Giving your favorite feline this canned food ensures he obtains the right nutritional levels established by the AAFCO


The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) establishes certain food regulations for manufacturing pet food products. This serves as a guide among pet food manufacturers so that they will know what they can (and cannot) legitimately claim. According to AAFCO’s policies, pet food produced from single ingredients must contain at least 95 percent of that exact same ingredient. Water content must not be included in this percentage calculation. If the product label claims it is made from beef, then it has to contain at least 95 percent beef. If the label says its chicken and turkey combined, then it has to be 95 percent chicken and turkey combined. This AAFCO regulation helps guarantee pet owners that they’ll get what they’ve paid for as well as the nutritional content they expected their pets to consume when eating such food product.

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