Indoor Growing In Canada – What’s All The Fuss?

Indoor growing is becoming a popular niche in a burgeoning industry.

Canadians are starting to explore the wonders of this niche and all that it has to offer. However, experts are still starting to piece together more and more information on why this has become such an integral topic of discussion among Canadians. Why are there so many new growers entering the market with such passion?

Let’s take a look at what some of the reasons are and what this means for indoor growing in Canada moving forward.

Elimination of Restrictive Laws

This will always be the main reason in Canada for why so many indoor growers believe it is a good option for them. The laws that were in place beforehand are not there, and most will start slipping away as time goes on. The Liberal government made this one of their campaign promises and have made sure to follow through on what they were saying. This also means the limitations that were in place for indoor growers have quietly gone away and are not as rigid as they once were. Of course, there are regulations in place that have to be kept in mind, but they are not as rigorous as beforehand.

Increasing Demand

The demand is something that draws growers in because people want to grow something that is admired. They want to be able to grow a plant that is going to have a purpose as soon as it is ready to go and the batch has come out the way it was supposed to. This is why so many indoor growing setups have popped up in recent times and why so many people continue to work on their skills with indoor growing techniques. It’s all about demand.

Access to High-Quality Equipment

This is one of the underrated reasons indoor growing has taken off in Canada. Most experts will look at the regulations and assume that is the reason, but it doesn’t always have to be. In fact, some indoor growers love the equipment that is available to them in the form of grow tents and grow lights. There is so much value in the equipment they can work with that it’s easier to see good results without the unfortunate bad batches that pop up. This is where beginners can get started without worry.  There are also excellent sites out there like Canada Grows Indoors which has many guides and reviews for you to look at before you buy.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Canadians are starting to look at the looser regulations and feel this is the way forward. It is a niche that is only going to grow larger because the demand is out there and those willing to take a look at the merits of indoor growing can take advantage. It’s all about understanding the nuances of indoor growing and ensuring it is done in the right way, which is why so many Canadians are putting their heart and soul into the art of growing.

With time, there are going to be thousands of new indoor growers in Canada, and this number should continue to grow.

by Karen Miller – Canada Grows Indoors LLC

Karen has been gardening indoors in Canada since she was a little child.
She loves sharing her fast knowledge of indoor growing equipment with others and
it shows in her writing.

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