Increase Your Instagram Engagement In Seven Easy Steps

If you are not on the social media sphere, the question to ask is, “where are you?

The world, most notably the business world, has migrated from the brick and mortar business environment to the highly interactive social media environment. It is because of this migration that most businesses are now thriving on the social scene.

The business of social media engagement is a strategy –based one either as an individual trying to build a following or a growing company trying to get a good return on investment. If you are yet to have a quality camera for Instagram, Cameraseals should be the place to start your search.    

We have listed seven short steps which if followed carefully, can make you or your business get the right shares, likes, and comments that will profit your business.

Step 1: Learn from others in your industry

The most important lesson to learn in social media is “always from your ‘elders”.  To increase your Instagram engagement, it is vital to learn and model from colleagues or related businesses in the industry. There are valuable lessons to learn from them like what to do, what not to do, and when to do it.

Step 2: Post regularly

Social media never forgets, and social media never sleeps. The top dogs on social media are those that are constantly posting images and information about their businesses and brands. Depending on the time, the target of customers and type of product or services you render, continuous postsare important at least daily or weekly.

Step 3: Use hashtags

Like we mentioned earlier, social media will work more for the strategic individual. This is the reason why top businesses and other social media influencers regularly use hashtags. Hashtags help customers and strangers find you, your business, or your products in a crowded business environment.  Do not forget; your hashtag should be short, simple, and used consistently.

Step 4: Use captions

If you are not a neophyte, you will know that social media posts with captions generate more engagements – the same thing works with social media pages. The right captions combined with the right hashtags are poised to give your photos context, express your message with clarity, and ensure that customers like, comment, share, and save your post. This is engagement, and engagement leads to sales.

Step 5:  If you want engagements, be engaging

One of the reasons why engagement drops is because when customers or social media users reach out, they are not attended to. If you want to keep your followers and win overnew followers, reply to direct messages, comments, and accept requests fast and always.

Step 6: Be deliberate

The most successful businesses and social media pages are those that are deliberate about their images, captions, and hashtags. Always ensure that your pictures are clear, always ensure that your captions communicate the message you want to communicate and use all the hashtags that will attract you the ‘critical mass’ your business needs.

Step 7: Keep it short and simple

Except you are running a blog, it is important you keep your posts short and simple. The fast-paced world doesn’t make accommodations for lengthy and tedious write-ups. An alternative to this is to convert texts to bright pictures and other graphics.

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