Improving Your Skin with Red LED Light Therapy

Looking and feeling your best is often at the forefront of people’s minds, especially as you begin actually seeing the aging process take place. Maybe you are starting to see those fine lines becoming more prevalent, or perhaps your skin just does not look as youthful as it once did. Though there are tons of commercialized products on the market indicating they can help you, the one that has the most leverage and evident proof to back up their claims is red LED light therapy.


What Is Red LED Light Therapy and What Does It Do?

 Red LED light therapy is a light therapy for wrinkles you can opt for that can genuinely improve the appearance of your skin. During the process, your skin is exposed to low levels of red medical graded LED light (i.e., near-infrared light), which is a type of energy that your eyes cannot see, but your body can feel the heat from it. This is the ideal anti-aging light therapy because this red light sends wavelengths directly to your body, producing a chemical reaction within your cells’ mitochondria to increase energy production and regeneration.

Does Red LED Light Therapy Work?

Though the effects are not instant (no red LED light therapy research or leading competitors have been able to achieve instant results without surgical influences), it does work faster than expensive creams and serums. Though results for inflammation and joint pains can be noticed in just a few days, for skin, you should be able to see the favorable outcomes in about 2-3 months if you consistently do red LED light therapy for your skin.

Is Red LED Light Therapy Safe?

Short answer, yes. Red LED light therapy is entirely safe and has been tested rigorously for decades to prove that once hypothesis. Places such as NASA even worked on these studies, which also cultivated leading medical research. What you may find surprising is you are more likely to have an adverse reaction to an iconic cream on the market than with red LED light therapy.

Though there are no known documented negative effects, keep in mind that if you have any health conditions, you might want to consult your doctor first before using red LED light therapy. Chances are you will still be safe, but it is better to check to be on the cautionary side.


Red LED Light Therapy Pros


  • Works with No Side Effects: Many clinical studies have proven that collagen red LED light therapy actually works. Red light boosts natural collagen production, and there are no known side effects in doing so. This means you can have much younger-looking skin with no adversity.


  • Additional Health Benefits: Partaking in this anti-aging regime, you are also improving the circulation of your blood. The red light enhances the way your blood vessels work in your body and allows your blood to move easier. So not only are you looking better, but you are also enriching your vascular health at the same time.


  • Helps Fight Acne: No one wants acne, and the unfortunate thing is that adults can get it too. As you already know, part of having a better complexion is having a blemish-free face too. With that being said, red light is able to help remediate acne as well, giving you smoother skin that promotes confidence.


  • Your Hair Can Benefit Too: If you have ever had trouble getting your hair to grow, try using red LED lights for that purpose too. Red LED light therapy can actually stimulate your hair follicles, which allows them to develop faster. You will not see instant growth, of course, but you will see a more measurable length in a shorter period of time.


  • Salons or In Your Home: Many salons are offering red LED light tanning bed options as an anti-aging marketing addition. You can easily find one close by to you and try it out for yourself. Alternatively, you can invest in a device that you can use in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to do it more often and with added convenience. Though these devices can be a bit pricey (might be a con for some people), depending on what you decide to get, they are entirely worth it in the end. One such device which might interest you is the DermaLuminate led therapy mask. It offers 6 different treatment, has unlimited use and is reasonably priced.


Red LED Light Therapy Cons


When there are ups, there are bound to be some downs. To give you a full review and picture of what red LED light therapy is, here are some cons to take into consideration.

  • One Session Is Not Enough: As noted earlier, it takes consistency and about 2-3 months to start seeing your results. Yes, this is faster than most commercial creams, but it can still feel like a long time to wait for some people who want that instant gratification.


  • If You Stop, You Cannot Maintain: If you have been using red LED light therapy for months with impressive results, that does not mean you can stop. If you do, you will not be able to maintain the results you fostered. So, if you want lasting youth, you have to be committed to it.


  • It is Not for Everyone: Remember when we said to check with your doctor first if you have any underlying health condition? This is for those deemed unable to proceed with red LED light therapy for specific reasons. For example, those who have skin cancer or are pregnant might be advised to proceed with this anti-aging method.

 Red LED Light Therapy Reviews

 Those who are advocates for red LED light therapy all agree that this is the ideal foundation of youth. They love the results, the process, and plan on doing it forever, or at least until the next ground-breaking technology arises.

What is controversial is the dosage. As for right now, researchers have not nailed down an actual ray exposure count or time limit. Some say to do it several times a day, whereas others say once a day works fine. But what they do know is that there is not a fear instilled about overdoing it. This means you can decide for yourself what you want to do and what is best for your particular needs.

“It’s almost impossible to cause any harm. You could use RLT for 24 hours a day and wouldn’t damage the skin.”  – says Dr. Hamblin

Though not related to skincare and anti-aging, others who partake in red LED light therapy admire how much better they feel from their chronic pains. The lights helped reduce their inflammation and improved the quality of their lives significantly.


Final Thoughts

 If you have tried every cream, serum, and anti-aging formula on the market with still little to no results, welcome to the club. Millions of women have tried it all, and feel as though surgical interference is the next step. But before jumping to that conclusion, don’t forget about red led light therapy.

No, it is not a cream, but it does work, and it works exceptionally well. In fact, choosing red light therapy for wrinkles is the sure-fire way to get your youthful appearance back. Though we know that beauty really does go much deeper than how you look, that does not mean you have to live with aging skin if you do not want to. If you decide that you want to start reversing time in the most effective, quickest way possible, check out red LED light therapy, and see for yourself how the clock starts to move backwards.


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