Improve Your Golf Swing Mechanics At Advanced Manual Therapy Institute

Avid Golfers Turn to Dr. Michel Rantissi Jr. for Help

Golf enthusiasts and professionals are improving their golf swing mechanics with the help of Dr. Michel Rantissi Jr. at Advanced Manual Therapy Insitiute, in Henderson, NV. Effective golf swings are critical for outperforming on the course and maintaining physical well-being.

All elements of the golf swing are analyzed by Dr. Michel Rantissi Jr. to identify strengths and opportunities. The backswing, transition, downswing, impact, and follow-through comprise the critical elements of the swing, and each element has a distinct influence on performance. Dr. Michel Rantissi Jr. uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and techniques to pinpoint errors in a form that can damage a golfer’s body.


Dr. Rantissi Jr. focuses on the backswing, which is the setup for the rest of the golf swing. Proper form at the beginning of the swing leads to overall better results. This includes an emphasis on pivot points, such as the wrists, and on a golfer’s shoulders. Whether it’s tips on how to improve the swing or just a particular element such as the follow-through, golfers get the insight needed to succeed.

At the Advanced Manual Therapy Institute, he and Dr. Jody L. Stafford have a motto: Positive Environment + Positive Attitude = Positive Results. Individual, attentive care leveraging a team approach to deliver results for patients is an everyday practice. Golfers and sports enthusiasts can expect a customer-focused environment where they can improve their health and well-being. Effective golf swing mechanics honed in the right environment can make a difference and lead to a competitive edge that’s tough to beat.

Ergonomics, sports training, and core/spinal stabilization are among the competencies offered by Dr. Rantissi Jr. and Dr. Stafford. Other areas of focus include Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Reeducation (PNF), Neuro-developmental facilitation (NDT), and Pilates training. Preventative care is emphasized, to keep patients performing at their optimum in the office or on the playing field.


He and Dr. Stafford are co-founders of the Advanced Manual Therapy Institute, and they specialize in spine and hand therapy. Dr. Rantissi Jr. received his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University, in 2008. He subsequently received a Masters of Occupational Therapy in 2001 and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2002, from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USA).