Important Things to Know About Starting Your Own Shop on Etsy

Launching your own online shop feels like the best way to secure a measure of financial independence in these precarious times. And if you are an arts and crafts oriented soul, then Etsy seems like your best bet. It’s the perfect place to nurture your creative side while also making a few extra bucks. If you’re successful enough, you might even be able to quit your day job and go at it full speed ahead, which is what many skilled entrepreneurs have been able to do. 

But as with everything in life, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind before starting an Etsy business as it is a wonderful world where new opportunities are provided to entrepreneurs. It gives a platform for all kinds of people with different skill sets to take their art out into the world and turn it into a thriving business. Here are some points to help you get started:

It’s All About the Name 

Your creativity will really need to shine through here as you try to think of a name that best describes your shop and the kind of product you’re selling. It needs to be catchy and something that people visiting the platform will remember. Even if potential customers are just lazily browsing through the site’s search engine, they will always remember an evocative shop name that can capture their imagination and encourage them to click on your digital storefront. Just be sure to keep to Etsy’s guidelines, which stipulates that the names can only be four to twenty letters long with no spaces or special characters – and, obviously, nothing with profanity or bearing any sort of trademark infringement.

Post Your Best Pics

The other thing that will help your Etsy shop stand out are obviously the pictures. Not everything has to be super sophisticated or Instagram worthy, but it also doesn’t hurt to try. In addition to a smart shop name, beautiful pics that have an almost aspirational quality to them really speak to the clientele that typically shop from Etsy. 

The site also makes it easy to know how best to target your potential audience by providing some handy tips on adding photos. For example, Etsy recommends that you upload at leave five pictures of your item so that customers can evaluate it from every possible angle. Also, adjusting the thumbnail properly is key so that customers can see the best representation of the product on your landing page or via a search. Oftentimes, new sellers on the platform sidestep the developers’ tips on how to make their shop more profitable, which is a rookie mistake: read as much as you can from Etsy’s own guidelines and research other online sources to help you best promote your work.

Make it Personal

One of the things that sets Etsy apart from the rest of the pack is how personal and homey the site feels. That’s sort of the point, honestly: where else can you purchase hand painted vases and crocheted stuffed toys so easily? It’s this cozy and personal touch that is Etsy’s best asset and the one new seller should be sure to capitalize on. 

The best way to do so is to customize your shopfront as much as possible. Add a personal bio and pic that is inviting and gives visitors a chance to not only understand what kind of product you’re selling, but also connect emotionally with what you’re trying to do. Your public profile should give people an idea about your own interests and how your business pursuits dovetail with that. The more potential customers know about your shop’s mission and what moves you, the more likely they will purchase the items you’re selling – storytelling is unfortunately an underutilized element by new business owners, but it’s an especially important point to keep in mind when starting an Etsy shop.

Socialize, Socialize

On social media, that is. In particular, you should be using Etsy’s own social media tools to advertise your store, which is really essential in garnering new business and ensures that your existing customer base is kept in the loop about new products. Etsy has streamlined all of its social channels, which thereby allows you to update things right away and add announcements, new listings, or highlight great reviews easily utilizing your phone or computer. It’s an excellent tool and one that new shop owners should be trying out as soon as they launch their Etsy store. Marketing and promotion are key to making your corner of Etsy as profitable as possible, especially given the fact that so many stores exist there already and you need to envision different ways of standing out!

Handcrafts with Heart 

Etsy has gone from being a sort niche site on the internet to being one of the biggest selling platforms of all time, and it’s no surprise: there is an element of personalization and storytelling that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else, and it’s the only online equivalent to walking into a well-curated boutique. So, if you have a flair for creating one of a kind item with soul, then launching an Etsy shop is definitely the best way to promote your work and find a loving and appreciative clientele.

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