Importance of iPhone X Mockup in App Presentations

Mobile applications are definitely the current trend for businesses: from retail to restaurants and even cryptocurrency. There is so much potential for designers when it comes to mobile applications. For mobile app designers and developers, creating the app design will be easy—it is their forte after all. Creating a kickass mobile application may not be that easy but it is doable depending on one’s creativity. But the hardest part of all is actually getting the client to buy your mobile app creation.

One way to get clients to really take notice is through the iPhone X mockup.

The awesome iPhone is a great way to showcase mobile app designs. First of all, nothing beats the iPhone in terms of speed and performance. iPhones are updated every year, and each type is usually a series in order for users to choose a model that really fits their need. The iPhone X series, for example, has been upgraded to iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max. But you really don’t need a new iPhone in order to attract clients to your mobile app design. Your iPhone X is enough.

The iPhone is known for its speed. It could transcode videos faster than Android models. This means that when it comes to augmented reality games, the iPhone X is the way to go.

iPhone X mockup gives a glimpse of the real deal

If your digital product is an augmented reality one like Pokemon Go or the likes, then the iPhone will be the best canvas for you to demonstrate your output. Gamers will most likely use their mobile phones in order to play augmented reality apps. And since it has been established that the iOS is so much faster than the Android, most people would be using their iPhones.

So presenting your product through the iPhone means giving the clients a glimpse of what your mobile app design will look like if it’s already the actual digital output. You can also use photorealistic iPhone mockups to indicate real-world environment while using the iPhone with your product.

There are so many free mockups for photorealistic iPhones in the internet. Make sure you get the ones in PSD file so that it will be easier for you to edit and incorporate your output in the PSD mockup.

Effective medium

A mockup is one of the most effective mediums for presenting web-related designs to an audience—whether that audience is the client you want to impress, or a group in a lecture interested to learn about mobile app designing.

Mockups don’t really allow interactivity during presentations. However, it gives visual clarity especially when you want to impress your audience with the real-world environment for your mockups. They really are more than just an image of how you want your design to appear, mockups are also tools for a more collaborative effort.

While a mockup is not interactive as a project display, it allows for great interaction among parties. It showcases information and images and probably demonstrates how the app design works. As you professionally present your mockup in a business meeting with a potential client, you are presenting to a team. The client’s party will have the owner or owners as well as managers and perhaps its own design team.

As you present every aspect of the design, chances are a person from the team will speak out a criticism or a compliment, while others will have their own comment that could enhance the design, and others will try to suggest something to make it better. In other words, a mockup will encourage the sharing of ideas that may end in a collaborative effort to enhance the mobile application’s final creation.

There is a mockup for every purpose

The internet is really a treasure trove of free PSD mockups. It will be easy for you to identify the mockup that will match perfectly with the ecosystem of your mobile application. The iPhone X clay mockup, for example, is great for customization.

If you are in the lookout for professionally made clay mockups, digital store Ramotion has 10 PSD & Sketch mockups that are really great at showcasing your apps in the App Store. Having them in PSD and Sketch allows you an easier time inserting your design into the mockup. There are two colors available: black and white. They are also 100% scalable.

In each of the mockup, you can customize it according to your purpose. This is very important because it implies that your design is the star of the mockup. There are no background environs that will compete with your design project.

Flat designs, for example, will make for a great visual for a dating app or a retail store. Flat designs thrive with the lack of stylistic elements. You don’t really need the magic of three dimensions when you are trying to find the right date. Or when you are shopping for house products in your online grocery store.

There is probably nothing more divisive than a flat design when it comes to the world of web design. A lot of designers believe it to be incredibly boring. But there are just some cases where it works. This type of design allows designers to actually focus on giving content the attention it deserves.

The flat design is also a great way to show off user interface and user experience in a website or mobile application. So if you want those highlighted in your presentation, go for this minimalist approach that some critics actually think will not survive the next wave of design trends.

Future of mobile applications

This is really the perfect time to master the art of creating mobile applications. This will be an industry need for at least the next decade. They just make people’s lives easier—you don’t need to call food for delivery. You can stay in your couch and tap on your mobile app in order to buy food.

People might call this generation lazy for being dependent on mobile apps. But one way to look at it is that this generation just wants convenience in order to get more important things done. Having said that, here are some trends web designers should know about via the Entrepreneur.

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