HP launches three affordable blue series laptops powered by cloud computing technology

Only a few years ago, an increasing number of customers who spend most of their time on the Internet and need to run their cloud-enabled personal computers in the familiar Windows environment have offered a wealth of simplicity and value. Such customers may replace the processing power of the design, and not have an attractive PC with large memory and high storage capacity with a list of other features that will surely mean very high prices. Personal computers are built to run and store all of the individual specialized software that users may install to perform basic tasks as well as movies, photos and games—not designed to meet the needs of the new generation of customers who do most of their business in the virtual cloud. But the world of computing is different today. While some people certainly still need this enhanced power, an increasing number of customers are relying primarily on cloud-based applications such as social networking sites, online storage sites and internet-based software. And they store their photos on the Internet and not on the hard disks of their computers, which means that they focus their attention on the strength of the Internet connection compared to the power of the processor. Nor are they interested in spending big money for a Windows PC either!

Recognizing what matters to this growing group of users, HP has revamped its line of Blue PCs, providing more of what customers might need – a more powerful Wi-Fi antenna technology to ensure greater and minimal Internet access. There are fewer hiccups, a few more hours of battery life, lighter weight, and a slimmer profile. HP has also lowered the prices of a select number of models to make the Blue HP Laptops more affordable. If you are searching for another site for information. For further details, I recommend you read this blog HP Laptops Blue. It’s important to you can find out more.

“We are pleased with the positive feedback the HP Laptops Blue family has received, which many consumers view as the perfect solution for accessing cloud computing content and services from wherever they are located,” said Kevin Frost, vice president and general manager of HP Consumer Personal Systems. We have continued to upgrade these cloud-based laptops to make them more portable and more attractive to users, at an affordable price.”

The updated portfolio now includes the updated 11.6-inch and new 14-inch Blue HP Laptops, as well as the 11.6-inch HP Laptops Blue x360, which folds into four different positions and can be used in laptop mode (work) and standing mode (entertainment).), tablet mode (for on-the-go use) and tent mode (for sharing). Recognizing the importance of personalization for many customers tempted by Blue’s specifications and pricing, PCs now come in four new, vibrant color choices.

No wonder CNET earlier this year praised the Blue PC’s ‘premium design’ and reasonable price despite being fully functional enough to perform daily tasks, making it the ‘perfect PC for browsing Facebook and Netflix, listening to music… as well as full-fledged applications such as Photoshop and Microsoft Word, which are not among their browser-based counterparts.”

Since the launch of the first Blue personal computer two years ago, HP engineers have worked to push the boundaries of the capabilities of the well-known HP Laptops Blue.

Latest Specifications

The mini laptop features dual 802.11 ac 2×2 Wi-Fi antennas to enhance wireless capability. An improved Wi-Fi experience means users are able to enjoy a fast connection with less video buffering, fewer non-covered areas and faster downloads. And to enhance data transfer speeds, HP Laptops Blue devices include a USB 3.0 port.

Blue HP Laptops have been re-engineered for users who want stylish, light, thin, affordable laptops with good enough features. HP has made this happen and more, with laptops now available in a range of vibrant colors – navy, magenta and snow white for Blue 11 and Blue 14, and deep black as a fourth option on x360 – which beautifully reflects users’ personality.

Work Happily with HP Laptops Blue

The new Blue HP Laptops come with a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Persona, which includes full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. In addition, users get 1TB of OneDrive storage for easy content storage and sharing, and 60 minutes per month on Skype World to keep in touch with friends and family. All of this contributes to a true mobile computing experience for work or play.

These laptops offer different displays to suit different user needs, with a high-resolution touch screen on the x360, and allow users to rotate their screen 360 degrees to shift in four different positions to enhance the ability to collaborate, screen sharing and presentations.

HP Laptops Blue 11 will be released on August 24 at, with a starting price of $199; HP Steam 14 will be available on September 7 at, starting at $219. HP Laptops Blue x360/HP x360 starts at $249 ($50 less than the previous generation) and will be available in select regions from September.

HP Laptops Blue Pro with Classroom Features

Blue HP Laptops are becoming increasingly popular with HP making available the HP Laptops Blue 11 Pro laptops, designed for education customers, and will be available in select countries from late September. Available in a deep black color, the Blue 11 Pro comes with 2×2 Wi-Fi to ensure you enjoy great connectivity in crowded classrooms, at universities and on the road. The laptop will come with an additional 4 GB/64 GB model, which enables faster operating speeds and more ability to store study materials and classroom curriculum.Are you looking for a laptop that is different from the rest? If you are, then you must visit the website to may want to consider laptops offers a number of different models.