How you pick an au pair

A great asset you can have in your home is an au pair. These are usually females who come to stay with you, take care of the babies, and help out with the household chores in exchange for some thousands of dollars.

Getting one for your home may be a tricky affair, and this article guides you on the steps to take when hiring an au pair.

Get an agency

If you’re looking for an au pair, the biggest question you could be having is; where do I start? There are hundreds of websites out there that you check out. Look for a reliable agency that will guide you in getting the right nanny. Again, watch out for the cost of visas and other documents, and in fact, the agency should help you out in such. Ensure that the agency you choose is affiliated with an international au pair association. That is the regulating body which ensures that agencies operate within acceptable standards. If you are not careful, you could get an agency that is not regulated, and that’s a danger.

Look out for first impressions.

Before you even engage the au pair, the first thing should be a letter of application. Let the nanny write a letter and probably do a video in English to help you understand them better. The application and the video should detail their experience, skills, background and their interests and talents.

Getting to hear how they talk and how good they are at expressing themselves gives you a better understanding of their personality, and you know whether they’re a good fit for the job or not. How I the tone? Are they positive, and does she have experience?


You see, au pairs are usually teens or young adults in their early twenties. Therefore they don’t have much experience. You may not have so many references from work experience, but their teachers and minister will serve as perfect references. Is the au pair a go-getter and a positive thinker? Are good are they at interactions. Here, you’ve to choose a girl that is positive and one who can get on well with kids and cope with household chores. The attitude of the au pair is the most important thing you need to check out for. They may not know many things, but if their attitude is complimentary, and then you’ve a great one.

Let the kids face her.

This is the most critical stage when it comes to hiring an au pair. You see, your kids will need someone they can bond with. After you talk with the agency and you’ve made the necessary moves- organize for a trial with the girl. Let them spend some time with the babies and see how they interact. You need to know how she’ll work around kids who are jovial and when they’re in a bad mood. You can either have them physically or get the kids involved in the video conferencing.

Choosing an au pair is as tricky as hiring a babysitter. You’ll need someone whose personality is manageable and one who will blend so well with the babies. Look for a reputable recruiting agency which has experience in the job. Most importantly, before you sign the contract, seek for an encounter with the au pair and involve your children. That way, you’ll be sure of the person you’re hiring.


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