How Using a Paper Planner Can Boost Your Productivity 

Technology is a big deal in today’s world. The entire world is right at your fingertips, which only makes sense when you consider you can keep your entire schedule, your personal information, and anything else you need right in your pocket or handbag. However, the art of using a paper planner to boost your productivity and change your life for the best is not lost. Paper planners don’t fit as nicely in your pocket, but they can help you get more done in a day. The perks of using a paper planner are endless.

It’s a Tangible To-Do List 

When your to-do list is always in front of your face, it’s easier for you to meet your goals and stay on track. Your phone is great for making lists and scheduling calendar events, but you don’t leave it on the desk open to your to-do list every day. A tangible reminder of your list of things to do, places to go, and things to accomplish is easier to manage and maintain. You can see it open in front of you, which reminds you of how much you’ve already accomplished and how much you have left to accomplish. Non-dated planners make getting started on your goals easier, and you can find the best non-dated planner here.

There’s Satisfaction to be Found in Checking Items Off Your List 

There’s nothing quite as satisfying than the feeling of crossing something off your to-do list. It’s not as effective when you erase something from your digital to-do list. The act of taking pen to paper and crossing an item off your list when it’s finished brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to your life.

This is a helpful tool in terms of your motivation. You may be able to motivate yourself when you’re otherwise unmotivated by adding things to your to-do list that you’ve already done that day, crossing them off, and feeling that satisfaction. Seeing things crossed off and feeling that feeling when you cross them off helps motivate you to keep going.

You Can Make Your Planner More Fun 

A digital calendar is a little boring. A paper planner can be adorned with stickers, colorful tapes, notes, and so much more. You have colorful reminders and notes, and how much more fun is it to see birthday reminders that are set with fun stickers rather than a typed note? Motivational stickers and notes are helpful when you need the inspiration to keep going throughout the day, too. You can find a great list of some of the best planner stickers here.

Writing Things Down Helps You Remember Them 

It’s a proven fact that the physical act of writing things down helps you retain that information faster. This is not the same thing as typing it into your phone in a note. Your brain is wired to remember things more effectively when it’s written down. It’s the act of doing that helps you out in this situation. Writing down your to-do list not only helps you see it in person, but it helps you keep that information in your mind throughout the day as a more efficient type of organization.

Planners Make Goal-Setting Easier 

Goal setting is easy when you can write down your large goal using a monthly planner, and then you can break it down using the weekly portion of the planner. It’s even more effective when you take the weekly portion of your goal and write it down into a daily task that helps you meet said goal. Using your notes or phone calendar is less efficient in terms of making long-term goals and breaking them down.

Planners Are Less Distracting Than Technology

When you pick up your paper planner, you see your to-do list. You see your calendar items. You see your notes. You see everything you want in only a few pages. You see little else, and that’s what’s so effective about a paper planner.

You don’t see social media notifications that cause you to click on Facebook and read four articles, comment on numerous statuses, like photos, and send birthday messages to seven “Friends” you’ve never met in person. You don’t see emails that promote that big sale at your favorite department store, which then prompts you to peruse the sale items and spend money you wouldn’t have otherwise spent.

You don’t see text messages you feel you need to respond to. You don’t end up going through six apps, wasting time, and ending up off track. Your paper planner is less distracting. Therefore, it’s also more productive.

Schedule Distraction Time 

A paper planner is a great tool for making your day more productive, including scheduling your distraction time. You need a break throughout the day to maintain your productivity without being overwhelmed, so schedule that in your paper planner. Put it in writing to spend 15 minutes every few hours answering emails or checking out your favorite social media pages. This allows you time to be distracted, but only for a few minutes at a time.

Schedule Block Time 

Block time is a beneficial tool for promoting productivity. When you’re able to block your time based on tasks, you’re able to accomplish more. You can block your time in your paper planner by the hour, by two or three hours, or by however much time you feel you need to work on a project. When you can see that you only have a certain amount of time to accomplish something in your planner, you’re more likely to get it done in that amount of time.

Using a paper planner helps you feel more productive throughout the day, and it helps you feel more accomplished at the end of the day. Crossing something off your list causes you to fee more in control of your life, which motivates you to do more. You’re able to make notes, celebrate your successes with stickers and notes, and see where you stand all day. Your phone is great for scheduling alarms and reminders, and it’s helpful when you want to make plans during social outings in which your planner is at home.

Paper planners are not obsolete. They are useful tools designed to promote your success. Try one

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