How to write a poem for your lady

How to write a love poem? Writing poem expert Kenny Gill from CustomEssayOrder says that writing a love poem is quite challenging, especially if you are to impress your lady and are looking to win her heart instantly. There should be elements of sentiments or emotions, and the wording of your poem has to be powerful. A love poem will describe your feelings and love for your beloved, so the use of romantic phrases and sentences is compulsory. Whether you are to celebrate an unforgettable moment with your beloved or want to propose her for marriage, you should brainstorm unique ideas and need to come up with a great love poem. Some of the basic things you need to keep in mind in this regard are mentioned below.

1. Brainstorming

You can check examples of love poem on the web and have love poem ideas before you describe your feelings about your life partner. Once the inspiration has been taken, the next step is to write down any phrases, sentences or words that come to your mind. Focus on verbs, adjectives, and nouns and try to brainstorm new and unique ideas. For instance, you write some sensational words or can praise your beloved using simple yet powerful and impressive words. Sentences like “you look beautiful,” and “I love you my doll” can be used in the poem to leave a good impression on the love of your life.

2. Focus on your feeling and experience

How to start a love poem? In this condition you will write your essay there is a strong need to focus on loving moments or experience. You can mention in the poem how you feel, when did you fall in love, and how you want to take this relationship to the next step. You must share your special experience of being in this relationship and may write about an exciting traveling experience with your life partner. In addition, you can also mention how you feel when you go outside with this person. There are a lot of things you can talk about, and your focus has to be on maintaining quality and consistency.

3. Read some examples

One good idea is to read an example of poem about love and go to the web for this purpose. If a single example is not enough for you, then you can read multiple examples of love poems in order to get a better sense and understanding of the genre. You can easily find websites and blogs that publish love poems in bulk and can read anything from free verse to haikus to sonnets to have an understanding. Some of the best examples are William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 40, Rita Dove’s Flirtation, Frank O’Hara’s Having a Coke with You, E.E. Cummings’ Love is More Thicker than Forget and Mary Jo Salter’s Video Blues. You can read other love poems too to be able to write your poem impressively and correctly.

4. Writing

Select a love poem template and write wisely and carefully. You can also select a particular form or layout for the poem and stick to this format so that the poem looks impressive and wonderful. Some of the most famous examples are free-verse and sonnets, and you can also try writing love haikus or acrostic love poems. You just need to pick up a form that deems to be suitable and easy to you, and at the same time, it is great enough to make the beloved happy. Traditional sonnets are good to go with when it comes to writing a poem in which you are to propose someone special. At the end writers recommend to rewrite a poem or to rewrite an essay, your story, your poetry or song once again. In order not to lose time offer you pay money for essays where you can take excellent sample to take.

5. Choose a structure

What is the structure of your poem? You may include simile and metaphor, which are a good way to add value, details, and creativity to your poems. Compared to similes, metaphors are good ones and are easy to write. An example of a good metaphor is “My life partner is my tiger.” It is also possible to use similes like “You are as bright as a star and as cold as a winter day.”

6. Use metaphors with no cliches

While using metaphors, you should avoid clichés and make the poem readable and understandable for the reader. For instance, you can write “My love for you is endless” or “You are like an orchid” rather than writing the cliché like “You are like a wildflower or a red rose.”

7. Add some humor

You can use wit and humor to make the poem read funny and lighter. At the same time, you should avoid being sappy or sentimental, and must include funny lines and phrases in the text to bring a big smile on the face of your beloved.

8. Polish poem

Another important thing is to read the poem to ensure that it looks flawless and impressive. Once you have finished your first draft, you should go back to the first line and read how it sounds. Ideally, you should read it more than once and remove unclear and awkward sentences, words and phrases. Adjust the structure of sentences and remove punctuation and spelling errors.

9. Read, show and present

If you have read it yourself, then this is the time to show your poem to others and get feedback. There is no need to hand it over to the life partner until or unless a close friend or family member has gone through it.

In conclusion, the love poem should be written thoughtfully and engagingly, and there should short sentences and paragraphs. You can follow a set format, type it out and then print it on a plain paper.

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