How to write a permission slip for parents

So, you’re a loving and caring teacher who wants to take their class of children out for a school trip? Perhaps just for the day to a local monument or perhaps on a short trip to somewhere a bit more distant? Either way, you are going to need to write a permission slip.

It is important that you inform the childrens’ parents exactly of your intentions and to ensure them that their little ones will be safe under your supervision. So, what do you need to write?

The basics

You can simply write the permission slip in any program you have on your computer, for example, in Microsoft word. Make sure that the font and the size of the words are clear so that there will be no confusion about what you have written. One easy way to remember what to write is by using the five W questions:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • Where?
  • When?
  • Why?

Using these will clearly and easily explain everything about the trip to the parents. Make sure that these are very explicitly stated as the bare minimum.

Other information that you may need to add can include the cost of the field trip, the number of teachers and/or other staff supervising, if the child is required to bring anything (such as money, a packed lunch, pen and paper etc.) and if any parent volunteers are needed. Often a field trip is a day out for the adults as well as the children!

It is also a good idea to include a box for the parent to add any information that they feel is relevant and that could come in useful on the field trip. An example of information here could be that the child has an allergy, or that they have a fear of heights (this might be useful if you are visiting tall monuments and plan to go up them!)

Medical conditions, such as diabetes, will also need to be known before the field trip so that you can be prepared in case there are unexpected problems throughout the trip! In this case, emergency contacts can be demanded from parents so that you can keep them informed in case anything happens, or even if you are running a little behind schedule from a fun-filled day! 


You will need to make sure that you get explicit permission from the parent, or guardian, of the children to take them on the field trip. So, make sure that your permission slip includes the following sentence:

I ________(name of the parent) give my child _______(name of the child) permission to go on the field trip on _______ (date) to _______(location of field trip). I agree that they will be under the supervision of ________(your name, or the name of the person in charge).

Using this format will make sure that you are covered and will let you know that the parent understands exactly what it is that they are allowing their child to do!