How to Win a Lightsaber Duel

Did you know that competitive lightsaber dueling is an official sport? There are entire organizations dedicated to lightsaber duel tournaments. They create the regulations, rules, and safety protocols for every tournament.

But how does fighting with lightsabers work? Do you know how to properly hold a lightsaber? How do you win a lightsaber duel?

Training with lightsabers is a fun way to make friends and get some exercise. All you really need to do is understand the basic rules to enjoy it.

Read on to learn how to win a lightsaber duel.

Types of Lightsabers

Most Jedi and Sith build their own lightsaber as part of their training in the franchise. This means that each person is going to have their own weapon style. Most of these are inspired by real-world weapons, such as longswords and katanas. Occasionally, however, a unique weapon is unveiled such as the umbrella lightsaber in Star Wars: Visions.

What this means for competitive dueling is that you’ll want to find the best fighting style for you and your weapon of choice. It also means that you need to be ready to adapt to your opponent’s weapon and fighting style. For example, how would you use this Count Dooku lightsaber?

Lightsaber Fighting Styles

Believe it or not, there are official lightsaber fighting styles in the Star Wars canon. Each one varies in how aggressive it is, and many people choose to combine styles for a mix of offensive and defensive strategies.

It can be tempting to only focus on an offensive strategy, but that’s not always the case. Doing this makes it easy to tire out quickly. That would give your opponent an advantage.

The best advice would be to study as many of the different fighting styles as possible before you duel. This keeps your opponent from knowing exactly what to expect from you.

Fighting With Lightsabers

When you finally go to a duel, the most important thing to remember is to stay calm and collected. You’ll need to focus your energy on the fight ahead if you want to win.

Try to study your opponent beforehand. If you can identify any patterns or weaknesses, you might find an advantage for yourself.

Make sure to watch your surroundings during your duel. The last thing anyone wants is for a bystander to get hurt.

Bring extra batteries with you to your duel. This ensures that your lightsaber is ready when it’s your turn to fight.

Have Fun at Your Lightsaber Duel

Once you understand all of this, the only thing left between you and victory is your own dedication and skill. After that, you just need to have fun dueling your opponents.

This is the important part. In the end, it shouldn’t matter too much if you won or lost but that you had fun competing. It’s all supposed to be a friendly competition.

Good luck at your lightsaber duel, and may the force be with you.

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Photo by Cade Roberts on Unsplash