How to Use Gelatin as a Surprising and Effective Joint Pain Remedy

In a search for an effective joint pain remedy, I came down to this amazing discovery.

It turns out that the gelatin could be the solution you are looking for. So, people who are suffering from joint pain rejoice as the effective remedy is finally here.

Joint pain is one of the most common conditions in people. Whether it comes from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, uric acid crystals, injury, years of normal tear and wear, and many other cases.

We already saw how many anti-inflammatory foods could help you and give you pain relief, but we never thought about gelatin.

It’s not that popular, but I hope it will help lots of you who are suffering from this annoying pain.

Let’s talk about the gelatin for a little bit. It’s that collagen that comes from animal bones, skin and tendons. Some vegan versions are made from agar or carrageenan.

However, the vegan version has the same cooking powers and texture, but it doesn’t come with the same healing effects. Here, we are going to use and talk about the traditional gelatin that comes from bovine animals and pigs.

How does the Gelatin help to Relieve Joint Pain?

How to Use Gelatin as a Surprising and Effective Joint Pain Remedy
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The gelatin comes with protein and collagen content. That’s exactly what your bones need to be healthy and what makes it a Joint Pain Remedy.

The Collagen is a structural protein that can be found everywhere in your body. It connects everything together. You can find it in your bones, hair, skin, and connective tissue.

This is where the gelatin comes in. It can contain six to twelve grams of collagen per tablespoon.

That’s good because our bodies can absorb the collagen in gelatin. From here, the gelatin proceeds to ease up the joint pain by strengthening the bones and boosting our collagen levels to support the connective tissues.

On top of that, it contains chondroitin. That’s the chemical in cartilage that plays a real role in promoting absorption of moisture into the fibers just to maintain good flexibility and mobility.

What does the Medicine say About this?

There are a couple of studies talking about the gelatin and its joint pain connections.

Reviews say that the effects of taking collagen for treating osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are big as our cartilage can absorb it and using it to lubricate and strengthen up the joint’s connective tissues. This is how it eases the pain.

Another study, published in the Journal Complementary Therapeutic Medicine in 2012, was monitoring subjects’ joint pain levels at three to six months after the start of collagen treatment.

There wasn’t a difference between the control group and the group that took the supplement after three months.

However, after six months, the difference was big. There was even a measurable reduction of pain in joints in the arms, legs, and back. This goes for the collagen group against the control group.

How to Use Gelatin as a Joint Pain Remedy?

Simple. You make a pudding.

Here is the recipe:


  • Three tablespoons raisins
  • Two tablespoons organic and unflavored gelatin
  • Eight teaspoons flaxseeds
  • Four tablespoons sesame seeds
  • Three tablespoons pumpkin seeds
  • ¾ cup honey


  • Mix all ingredients until they blend well
  • Store in a glass jar at a room temperature
  • Take one teaspoon twice a day before breakfast and lunch

Let’s fix everything with this effective joint pain remedy.

Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. Particularly with those who are in need of it.

Source: Daily Health Post

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